Live sessions + conversation classes with Spanish Experts

Our courses use University-level curriculum designed specifically to help you remember and retain the language.

And our real-life conversation classes are the key to mastering a language. Natural conversations with native speakers enables students to absorb the language faster and integrates cognitive skills through verbal communication.

After all, this is how we all learned to speak our native tongue. And it’s the missing ingredient in many other language learning courses and platforms!

Mindful Learning Method

Learn a language through a unique method based on the process of language learning, not on the content. This provides an easier and more empowering learning environment.

Mindset & Meditation

Reduce stress and anxiety while focusing your energy on building a positive foundation for learning. This creates positive reinforcement and motivation for learning the language.


Have real conversations with other Spanish speakers so you can apply your language skills in real life. Conversation classes happen every week for 15 min.

We are the missing step between you and speaking a language. You probably think you aren’t good with languages, right?

You may have taken Spanish high school and never really learned to speak it. Or maybe you have been using language learning software or language apps but still don’t feel confident you’ll ever be fluent.

Something is missing, and you can feel it.
That’s where we come in.

At Conversa Spanish, we ALSO focus on your mindset and help you overcome negative beliefs.

With our unique approach, you will develop good mindset principles to set you on the path to finally learn to speak Spanish — not just memorize the vocabulary words.

By focusing on your motivation, confidence, and resilience, we set a solid foundation to help you learn to speak Spanish faster and more easily.

We are your unfair advantage to learning a new language.



We've taken the best methods to learn a language and packaged them in one easy to use system.

We’ve taken the best methods for learning a new language and packaged them in an easy-to-use, accessible solution. With years of experience teaching foreign languages, we have leveraged the most effective learning methods. We have designed a course that gives you University-level learning in your pocket!

Practice in real time with our Certified Virtual Tutors.

You will have access to our team of university certified tutors to practice your learning in real time and benefit from their expertise. This allows you to practice and integrate your learning which is crucial for success and why so many other programs fail. Our tutors are available around the clock and ready to support your learning. 

We've made learning FUN!

We wanted to create a fun and exciting way to learn. That’s why our learning is packaged with gamification, fun videos and worksheets to allow you to actually enjoy the process! We take the boredom out of learning and give you the motivation you need for success!


Conversa Spanish Institute was founded in 2018 by Inés Ruiz and a team of experts in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. Our frustration with traditional education and current learning methods inspired us to develop a learning method that teaches you to speak a language from the first day.



Inés Ruiz has a wealth of experience in the e-Learning space!

Inés has two master’s degrees in E-learning and Education and is the founder of Conversa Spanish Institute.

As a former Cambridge University lecturer, she created one of the first online learning environments for the Spanish department.

Inés is dedicated to changing and transforming traditional learning environments to be more modern with a focus on mindful learning through meditation techniques.

She has been touted as an inspirational and motivational teacher, having worked with hundreds of students at university level who love her logical, motivational and simple teaching style.

She has been featured on sites like Business Insider, CNBC, and Money Inc.



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To have another language is to possess a second soul.