Learn How to Pronounce Anything in Spanish in Less than 20 minutes

Even if.... you are "not good" with languages  you failed Spanish in High School

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Hi! Im Inés Ruiz, a former Cambridge University Lecturer (could you tell by my GIF?) and my mission is to teach Spanish in a way that is easy to start talking asap. I like breaking down complex rules into understandable concepts that are going to make learning Spanish EASY and FUN.

If you want a traditional bio and media apareances scroll down, but if you don't like GIFs I doubt that we could be amigos.

Do you want to give it a try? Give me 20 min and you will end up saying WHY NOBODY HAS EXPLAINED THIS TO ME BEFORE?!?


In this

you will:

to pronounce anything in Spanish

Spanish from Spain and LA pronunciation

with Inés!


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Your Host:

Inés Ruiz​

Inés Ruiz is a Former Cambridge University Lecturer and the CEO of Conversa Spanish Language Institute.

She has a wealth of experience in the e-Learning space. She has a Masters in e-learning and she created the first ever Spanish Virtual Learning Platform at Anglia Ruskin University, and the first Moodle for the Spanish department at Cambridge University

She has both taught and created virtual learning systems and programs. She was a Spanish lecturer at Cambridge University in the UK, as well as an instructional designer, and a supervisor at Christ College in Cambridge, UK.

She has trained more than 4,000 Spanish teachers at ELEInternacional. 

Cambridge University Faculty Website