Ms. Edris Brannen

Lecturer of Spanish | Modern and Classical Languages


Ms. Edris Brannen

Lecturer of Spanish | Modern and Classical Languages


Something about myself:

My name is Edris Brannen. I am originally from Uruguay, a small country between Argentina and Brazil in South America. Spanish is my first language and from an early age I loved the idea of being able to speak other languages.  At the age of 16, I became an international student representing Uruguay at Lowndes High School where I finished High School for the first time. However after arriving in Uruguay my transcripts did not transfer and I had to finish High School again in Uruguay. So, I basically had to finish High School twice in two different countries. When I taught high school I always enjoy telling my students this story so they will know that there are worst situations. In my free time I like to practice karate, read, learn and travel.



B.A. of Psychology- University of the Republic (Uruguay)

B.A of Science- Excelsior College

M.Ed. Secondary Education with a Major in Spanish.

Ed.D. (candidate) Curriculum and Instruction (Degree expected 2014).



ESOL Certification (2007)
Gifted Certification (2013)



Downey, E., McDonald, S. J., Merwin, G. A., Morris, R. K., Merwin, Brannen, E. L. (2010) Serving Constituents with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) in the U.S: Challenges and Implications for Local Government Websites. Downey, E. & Ekstron, C. D. ( Eds). E-Government Website Development: Future Trends and Strategic Models (pp. 35-53). Texas: Information Science Publishing.


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