Welcome to your online Spanish level placement test!

As you embark on this journey to assess your language proficiency, it's important to prepare adequately to ensure the best possible testing experience. This test is designed to evaluate your understanding and skills in Spanish through a series of carefully crafted exercises, including listening comprehension. To help you navigate this process smoothly, we have compiled a set of essential guidelines. Following these will not only facilitate a seamless testing experience but also enable you to perform to the best of your abilities. Please read through these instructions carefully before beginning your test.

  1. Use Chrome Browser: Take the test using the latest version of Chrome. Download it if necessary. (descarga aquí)
  2. Time Allocation: Set aside about 40 minutes for the test. Completion time may vary based on your level.
  3. Audio Requirement: The test includes listening exercises, so use headphones for better audio clarity.
  4. Sequential Testing: Each subsequent test will open after you complete the previous one, with specific time allocations.
  5. Time Limit Adherence: If time expires before submission, answers completed thus far will be automatically sent.
  6. Avoid Closing Browser: Once a test is started, do not close the browser as the timer continues.
  7. Stable Internet Connection: Ensure your internet connection is stable to prevent disruptions.
  8. No External Help: Avoid using dictionaries or translators to ensure the test accurately assesses your level.
  9. Minimize Distractions: Choose a quiet environment and inform others to avoid interruptions.
  10. Technical Preparedness: Check audio quality, browser permissions, and close unnecessary tabs/programs.
  11. Battery and Power: If using a laptop or wireless devices, ensure they are charged or connected to a power source.
  12. Emergency Contact: Have technical support contact information ready for immediate assistance if needed. Call Conversa Spanish Institute on +34 961258767
  13. Focus and Relaxation: Take a moment to relax and focus before starting, aiming to perform your best.
  14. Feedback and Results: Expect immediate preliminary results.

By following these comprehensive guidelines, you can enhance your performance and minimize technical issues during your online Spanish level placement test.

REMINDER: You will access different test levels that have different timing to complete. Between levels, you will have a small pause. You have to complete all the levels until you are shown your result and certificate.

¡Buena suerte!

This test must be completed in 15 minutes. Click here to start the test