Relax and Learn with «También la lluvia»

Relax and learn with "tambien la lluvia" Conversa

It’s not always possible to immerse yourself in Spanish in another country, but that doesn’t mean you can’t immerse yourself at home. Watching movies, like También la lluvia, is a great option to practice your listening and reading skills while having fun. Plus, you learn about other cultures, too. You might even recognize a few […]

5 Things I Learned When I Put My Phone in Spanish

A cell phone next to the title, "5 Things I Learned When I Put My Phone in Spanish"

When I was first taking Spanish courses, my textbook still taught the words for cassette tapes. By the time I was preparing to move to Salamanca, Spain, I realized that although I felt prepared to communicate and live entirely in Spanish, I noticed one huge gap in my knowledge: technology vocabulary. So, what did I […]


Record yourself speaking to improve pronunciation Conversa blog

有时,找人练习说话绝对是学习一门语言最难的部分。无论您是兴奋地聊天还是急于在别人面前说话,如果您想提高自己的发音,录制自己是个好主意。我们将为您提供一些提示,以使用您拥有的任何录音机 [...]