Essere o Essere: Ser vs. Estar

Essere o essere: ser vs. estar Conversa blog

Ser vs. estar, one of the main grammatical components of A1 Spanish courses, might seem intimidating at first, but it’s not as scary as it looks. However, once you remember the rules on when to use each one, it’ll start feeling natural to you. Pay attention to the following tips to help you use ser […]

Essere o essere chiamati? Questa è la domanda da porsi!

CONVERSA To be or to be called? Now, that is the question!

In earlier entries, we have talked about how to introduce yourself in Spanish and several phrases you can use to start a successful introduction. Today, however, we are going to go a bit deeper and get acquainted with the grammar behind introductions. Let’s review the Spanish verbs “ser” and “llamarse”. Much like in English, the […]