We are the missing step between you and finally speaking a second language.
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You may have taken Spanish in high school and never really learned to speak it. Or maybe you have been using language learning software or language apps but still don’t feel confident you’ll ever be fluent.

Something is missing, and you can feel it.

That’s where we come in.

We have created a learning method built on the conversation and process of learning, NOT on the content itself.

No more memorizing phrases or looking up conjugations.

How? We use short, real-time conversations to teach you a new language.

Just like when you learned your native language, you used small bits of real conversation with real speakers. We use this same learning method to teach you a new language — once and for all!

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Conversa Spanish Institute was founded in 2018 by Inés Ruiz and a team of experts in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.


Inés Ruiz has a wealth of experience in the e-Learning space!

Inés has two master’s degrees in E-learning and Education and is the founder of Conversa Spanish Institute.

As a former Cambridge University lecturer, she created one of the first online learning environments for the Spanish department.

Inés is dedicated to changing and transforming traditional learning environments to be more modern with a focus on mindful learning through meditation techniques.

She has been featured on sites like Business Insider, CNBC, and Money Inc.

She has been touted as an inspirational and motivational teacher, having worked with hundreds of students at university level who love her logical, motivational and simple teaching style.

In 2012, she created a highly successful education business that expanded to more than 30 schools including Cambridge, Oxford and Edinburgh.

She also is passionate about helping entrepreneurs.

We work with any method of language learning, including:

Language gamification apps

Language learning software

Online language courses

University-level language programs

At Conversa Spanish Institute, we focus on your mindset and help you overcome negative beliefs.

With our unique approach, you will develop good mindset principles to set you on the path to finally learn to speak Spanish — not just memorize the vocabulary words.

By focusing on your motivation, confidence, and resilience, we set a solid foundation to help you learn to speak Spanish faster and more easily.

We are your unfair advantage to learning a new language.

Our Awesome Team

Christian has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Teaching, as well as 3 courses in ELE methodology and a Master’s Degree in Hispanic Studies: Teaching Spanish L1/L2. In 2015, he started a blog abcdeEle.com about the creation of visual instructional materials to use in Spanish lessons.

Álvaro studied for a University Degree in Hispanic Philology and a Post-Graduate in ELE at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He also studied for a Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish at University of Alcalá. He has been teaching ELE/EL2 in the Netherlands, Poland, Singapur and Spain. He was head of the Spanish language and culture department at Akademia Morska and head of studies at EF in Madrid. He is the author of the digital course ‘Hablamos’ level B1 from Editorial Edinumen.

Elena studied for a University Degree in Translation and Interpreting at Jaume I University. She holds a diploma in ELE and has a Master’s Degree in Teacher Training for Compulsory Secondary Education, Upper Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Language Teaching. She has a broad experience as a language teacher.

Rosa has a University Degree in Hispanic Philology and she has a broad experience in style and typographical syntax corrections of literary and academic texts. She is a Spanish teacher, specialised in Spanish grammar.

Marta studied for a University Degree in Spanish Philology at University of Barcelona. She did her doctorate courses (specialised in Golden Age Spanish Literature) at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, before she started teaching Spanish as a foreign language. She studied for a Master’s Degree in ELE at Menéndez Pelayo University in Santander. She has been teaching companies and individuals for more than 20 years and she also started teaching online two years ago.

Manuel is a journalist with experience in national and international media (El Mundo, Diario de Cádiz, Clarín, among others), as well as in media agencies. He studied for a University Degree in Journalism at University of Sevilla  and a Master’s Degree in International Political Communication at Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona. Currently, he is a freelance journalist and a Social Media Manager.

Kemari studied digital media marketing and business communication at University of Maryland University College. She is a writer and bestselling editor, as well as a professional namer. She has worked on accounts for billion-dollar brands, industry leaders, and bestselling writers.  Her writing has been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, and more. 

Laura has a University Degree in Bilingual Teaching (English-Spanish) for Primary Education. She has been teaching languages to students from all ages (3 to 74 years old). She has been an ELE and Science teacher at a Secondary School in England since 2014. She created ‘El tarro de los idiomas’, a space to share more visual and instructional resources.

Sergio has a University Degree in Business Administration. He has worked as a Business Spanish teacher in Germany and later as an ELE teacher in Letonia, where he currently lives. He started teaching online in several platforms in 2015, until he created Nuble doble, a web page where he continues teaching Spanish online.