Spanish Conversation Classes in Valencia

Conversation classes online or in Valencia

If you are looking to improve your conversational skills in Spanish, we have the perfect option for you. In our conversation lessons, the teaching is personalized to your current level and the specific objectives you wish to achieve. Our approach ensures fast and effective improvement in your speaking abilities, with a focus on practical and engaging communication exercises.

You can choose to focus on specific topics that interest you the most, allowing you to reach your personal and professional goals with greater confidence and fluency. These lessons are designed to help you navigate real-life situations and improve your ability to interact naturally in Spanish.

You can book your individual conversation classes just for yourself or join with a partner to share the experience. Special pricing is available for two people.

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If you want to know if we have availability or have any question Contact us and here you can read the Terms & Conditions of your course.


We are more than just a language school.

At Conversa Spanish Institute, we focus on your mindset towards the language and help you overcome any negative beliefs you may have about learning it. With our original approach, you will develop solid principles to set you on the path to speaking Spanish — not just memorizing vocabulary and rules.

By focusing on your motivation, confidence, and resilience, we establish a strong foundation to help you learn the language more quickly and easily.

We are your advantage in learning a new language.

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Our Methodology

At Conversa Spanish Institute, we believe in the importance of living and experiencing the language for effective learning. Therefore, you will have all the tools and materials you need to achieve this goal: feel the language. Our methodology combines content learning with real task resolution, helping you develop your communicative competence in Spanish.

¡Siente la lengua! – Feel the language!

Start speaking Spanish from day one, but how?​

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You will have access to:

Private conversation classes at the school or online

Classes at our institute located at Marqués de Sotelo 3, near the Xátiva metro stop. Sessions with our certified teachers will help you develop your language skills.

Access to your level course on the online platform

Access the courses we have developed to immerse you in Spanish learning in an easy and entertaining way.

Recorded meditations

Meditations to enhance your learning experience.

Interactive content

The platform includes videos of native speakers (recorded in Madrid) and additional activities to help you think, speak, and communicate in Spanish.

Downloadable visual materials

We use visual infographics and downloadable documents to aid your learning.

Spanish Private Conversation Lessons with our Certified Tutors

Each week, immerse yourself in Spanish classes led by our certified tutors, who are dedicated to guiding you through every stage of your learning. With a practical approach tailored to your specific needs, these sessions will help you not only improve your general Spanish but also feel confident speaking Spanish.

Free access to our online platform

By enrolling in our course, you will gain free access to our online platform, an essential tool that will complement your learning inside and outside the classroom. This platform is designed to give you the flexibility to study at your own pace, allowing you to delve deeper into the topics covered in class and explore additional material. With a wide range of resources like videos, interactive exercises, and discussion forums, you can reinforce your learning, practice your language skills, and connect with other students.

Spanish Audiobook
Access a monthly ebook in Spanish

Each month, you will have access to an audiobook specifically designed for your skill level.

Why is this important? Because constant exposure to the language through listening and auditory comprehension is a crucial part of your learning process. Not only will you improve your pronunciation and listening comprehension, but you will also enjoy an authentic literary experience in Spanish.

We are not only going to help you learn Spanish, we also want to change how you think about the process of learning a language, and challenge some myths that you might have heard:

  • Learning a language as an adult is very difficult possible
  • I am bad new with languages
  • Native speakers speak very fast will help me improve
  • Having an accent means I sound bad am bilingual
  • I don’t have I can make time to learn a language
  • Only you can immerse yourself in another culture in the country or from the comfort of your home

How else can we help you?

With you mindset practice

and meditations to help you concentrate and have a better mindset before your class.

Our platform

We have developed a new interactive space to make your learning experience unique and special.

You will have access to a wide variety of materials, activities, and content that will help you complete your learning.

Oue materials

We have infographics and downloadable materials for each unit that will help you remember easily, and you can return to them anytime as you advance in your learning process.


In addition to the mentioned materials, we have video tutorials and videos of native speakers for each unit. These will help you easily remember the content and revisit it whenever you want during your learning process.

Classes with native teachers

All our teachers are native speakers and have extensive experience to help you reach your full potential.

Our platform

Who are we?

Conversa Spanish Institute was founded in 2021 by Inés Ruiz and a team of experts in teaching Spanish as a foreign language who had been training teachers at ELEInternacional since 2015.

When she was a lecturer at the University of Cambridge, she created one of the first online learning environments for the Spanish department.

Inés is focused on changing and transforming traditional teaching environments with a focus on mindful learning.

She has appeared in media outlets such as Business Insider, CNBC, and Money Inc.

Her students, mostly university students, have highlighted her simple, logical, and motivational teaching style and described her as a very inspiring teacher.

Want to know more? You can watch the interview she gave on RTVE

Want to know more?

Our Amazing Team

SINÉs ruiz

Founder and CEO

Inés Ruiz, creator and director of ELEInternacional since 2015. Graduated in Translation and Interpretation, holds a postgraduate degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language (ELE) and another in teaching ELE to children. She also has a master’s degree in Education and e-learning and a master’s degree in Neuroeducation.

Álvaro Sesmilo PhD.

Academic Coordinator

Graduate in Hispanic Philology and member of the research group on Linguistic Identity at the University of Alcalá. A restless and adventurous teacher with more than 15 years of experience teaching Spanish in the Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, the USA, and Spain. He is the director of the International Master’s in teaching Spanish in multiple contexts at the Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes and ELEInternacional.

Florencia Coronel

Administrative Officer

Florencia brings over a decade of experience in educational administration to her role. Trained in Bilingual Executive Secretariat, she has refined her skills in data management and customer service systems, applying this knowledge to improve operational efficiency in educational settings. Her ability to handle the complex logistics of an educational center has been fundamental in maintaining the excellence of the center’s services.

SOlaya Fernández

Online Academic Coordinator

Olaya has a degree in Classical Philology and a Master’s in Secondary Education specializing in Latin, Greek, and Spanish. She is a specialist in teaching Spanish as a second language to children since 2012. She started collaborating with ELEInternacional in 2017, creating content for the blog and has continued since then, now being an online consultant.

Eva Romero

Administrative Assistant

Eva has a degree in Early Childhood Education and training in neuroeducation and management of special educational needs. Her empathetic approach and deep understanding of learning dynamics make her ideal for leading human resources initiatives in a diverse educational environment. She has developed key competencies in creating inclusive work environments and actively supports the professional development of educational staff.

SAndrea Storey

Linguistic and Teaching Support

Andrea has a degree in Hispanic Philology from Southern Illinois University. As a university student, she was a research assistant and helped restructure the undergraduate curriculum program. Currently, she is an independent translator and Spanish teacher.

Irene Moreno


Graduated in Translation and Interlinguistic Mediation from the University of Valencia, with a master’s in Secondary Education Teaching, specializing in foreign language: English. Irene combines her knowledge of multiple languages in her teaching methodology, contributing to a rich and multilingual learning experience at the center.

Glorymar del Valle


Graduated in Philosophy with a specialization in teaching Spanish as a foreign language by ELEInternacional and certified by the European University Miguel de Cervantes. With experience in content creation and teaching Spanish, Glorymar applies interactive and dynamic methodologies in her classes.

Abril Fasanella


Advanced in Educational Sciences with a specialization in Educational Technology and a course in teaching Spanish as a foreign language at ELE Baires certified by UCA. Abril specializes in the incorporation of educational technologies in language teaching.

Gabriella Rodríguez


She holds a Master’s in Updating and Training of Spanish Teachers as a Foreign Language and a Diploma of Specialization in Methodology and Didactics of Spanish as a Foreign Language from the University of Valencia. Gabriella has international experience teaching Spanish and has developed innovative teaching materials.

Marta Ezquerro

Academic Advisor

Graduated in Hispanic Philology from the University of Barcelona, specializing in doctoral courses from the Complutense University of Madrid on Golden Age Literature, and holds a Master’s in Spanish for Foreigners from the Menéndez Pelayo International University (Santander).

Elena Esteve

Administration Director

Elena studied Translation and Interpretation at the Jaume I University. She holds an ELE certificate and a Master’s in Teacher Training for Secondary Education, Vocational Training, and Language Teaching. She has extensive experience as a language teacher.