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Welcome to the Course that brings you closer to Spain

Hello! I am Ines Ruiz. We have developed a program to help students to fluently speak Spanish

In this course, I will use the same methods that I used as Lecturer at Cambridge University. 

Start Speaking Spanish From Day 1, but How?

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You will have access to:

Access all courses level Novice to Upper Intermediate

Access our premium courses developed by experienced teachers to help you get an immersive experience learning Spanish in an easy and entertaining way.

Conversation classes with certified teachers (Premium package)

With the Premium Package you will have access to 4 monthly 15-minute conversation classes. to be able to practice what you are learning in your online course. 

Chat with native speakers on our platform

Our platform works like a little "Facebook" where you can interact with Spanish speakers..

Recorded meditations

Meditations enhance your learning experience.

Interactive content

Our platform includes videos of native speakers (recorded in Madrid), extra activities to help you think, speak and communicate in Spanish

Download visual materials

We use visual infographics and downloadable content for each unit.


Novice Level 1

El nivel A1.1 de está dirigido a estudiantes sin conocimientos del idioma. El objetivo de este nivel es que logres interactuar de forma sencilla, hacer y contestar preguntas sobre ti mismo, sobre el lugar en el que vives, sobre las personas que conoces y las cosas que tienes.

Novice level 2

En el nivel A1.2 podrás realizar afirmaciones sobre tus necesidades inmediatas o temas muy cotidianos. Podrás presentarte a ti mismo y a otros, pedir y dar información personal básica sobre tu domicilio, tus pertenencias y las personas que conoces.

Lower Intermediate Level 1

En el nivel A2.1, podrás interactuar en situaciones sencillas y habituales de la vida cotidiana (tiendas, bancos, etc.). Serás capaz de describir en términos sencillos aspectos de tu pasado y tu entorno así como cuestiones relacionadas con tus necesidades inmediatas.

Lower Intermediate Level 2

En el nivel A2.2 serás capaz de comprender frases y expresiones de uso frecuente relacionadas con áreas que son especialmente relevantes (información básica sobre ti mismo y tu familia, compras, lugares de interés, ocupaciones, etc.).

Intermediate Mid Level 1

En el nivel B1, serás capaz de mantener una interacción y de hacerte entender en una variedad de situaciones; exponer un problema, expresar tu opinión, pedir aclaraciones, plantear quejas; expresarte con sencillez en pasado y explicar acontecimientos y planes futuros. 

Intermediate Mid Level 2

At level B1.2 you will be able to produce texts on topics that are familiar to you or in which you have a personal interest. You will be able to describe experiences, events, desires and aspirations, as well as briefly justify your opinions or explain your plans.

Spanish Proficiency Level




Lower Intermediate


Intermediate Mid


Intermediate High


Advanced Mid


Advanced High

You will learn using a curriculum that has been developed to allow you to use Spanish in your day to day life.

The content is not limited, as we will develop it depending on your needs.

Nivel A1.2 (Novice)
  • Es capaz de comprender y utilizar expresiones cotidianas de uso muy frecuente, así
    como frases sencillas destinadas a satisfacer necesidades de tipo inmediato.
  • Puede presentarse a sí mismo y a otros pedir y dar información personal básica
    sobre su domicilio, sus pertenencias, y las personas que conoce.
  • Puede relacionarse de forma elemental siempre que su introductor hable despacio y
    con claridad y esté dispuesto a cooperar.
Nivel A2.1 (Lower intermediate)
  • Es capaz de comprender frases y expresiones de uso frecuente relacionadas con
    áreas de experiencia que le son especialmente relevantes (información básica sobre
    sí mismo y su familia), compras, lugares de interés, ocupaciones. etc.).
  • Sabe comunicarse a la hora de llevar a cabo tareas simples y cotidianas que no
    requieran más que intercambios sencillos y directos de información sobre
    cuestiones que le son conocidas o habituales.
  • Sabe describir en términos sencillos aspectos de su pasado y su entorno, así como
    cuestiones relacionadas con sus necesidades inmediatas.
Nivel A2.2 (Lower intermediate))
  • Es capaz de comprender frases y expresiones de uso frecuente relacionadas con
    áreas de experiencia que le son especialmente relevantes (información básica sobre
    sí mismo y su familia), compras, lugares de interés, ocupaciones. etc.).
  • Sabe comunicarse a la hora de llevar a cabo tareas simples y cotidianas que no
    requieran más que intercambios sencillos y directos de información sobre
    cuestiones que le son conocidas o habituales.
  • Sabe describir en términos sencillos aspectos de su pasado y su entorno, así como
    cuestiones relacionadas con sus necesidades inmediatas.
Nivel B1.1 (Intermediate Mid)
  • Es capaz de comprender los puntos principales de textos claros y lenguas estándar si tratan sobre cuestiones que le son conocidas ya sea en situaciones de trabajo, de estudio o de ocio.
  • Sabe desenvolverse en la mayor parte de las situaciones que pueden surgir durante un viaje por zonas donde se utiliza la lengua.
  • Es capaz de producir textos sencillos y coherentes sobre temas que le son familiares o en los que tiene un interés personal.
  • Puede describir experiencias, acontecimientos, deseos y aspiraciones, así como justificar brevemente sus opiniones o explicar sus planes.
Nivel B1.2 (Intermediate Mid)

Conversation Classes with Private Tutors Available in our Premium Package

Our Premium Package (Access to the platform + Conversation classes) gives you access to 4 conversation sessions with your personal tutor. These classes are the best option to improve your fluency level and your communication skills. You will be able to speak fluently in Spanish in a variety of situations.

We will not only help you learn Spanish, we will also change the way you think about the process of learning a language, and break all those myths that you may have heard:

  • Learning a language as an adult is very difficult possible
  • Am bad new to learning languages
  • Native speakers talk very fast will help me improve
  • Having an accent means that I sound bad I'm bilingual
  • Don't have I make time to learn a language
  • Only you can immerse yourself in another culture in the country or from the comfort of your home

How else can we help you?

With Mindset Practice for positive conditioning in your learning process

And meditations to help you focus and be your best self before your class.


We have developed a new interactive space to make your learning experience unique and special.

You will have a wide variety of materials, activities and content available to help you complete your learning.

Our materials

We have infographics and downloadable materials for each unit that will make it easy for you to remember, and to which you can always return, as you advance in your learning process.

Conversation Session (Premium Package)

Our qualified teachers will teach you via video, and you will have recorded materials available.

There will be activities for you to complete that will help you reinforce your learning.

Video tutorials

In addition to the materials mentioned, we have video tutorials and native speaker videos for each unit. These will help you easily remember the content, and return to them whenever you need to.

Spanish native teachers

All of our teachers are native speakers and have extensive experience to help you reach your full potential. 


and achievement certificate

Our courses are based on the recommendations of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Students who complete the course will receive a certificate of achievement with the details of their level.

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is based on three types of learners – Basic, Independent and Proficient – each of which is subdivided into two levels, creating a total of six – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. The recommendations contained in the CEFR are intended to facilitate transparency and standardization of the processes of teaching, learning and assessment of European languages.


Spanish Courses
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Our Platform Preview

After this course you can continue learning with us at our physical school in Valencia (Spain)

We are more than a language school.

In Conversa Spanish Institute, we focus on your attitude towards the language and we help you overcome any negative beliefs you may have about learning. With our original approach, you will develop some good principles to put you on the path to learning to speak Spanish — not only memorize vocabulary and rules

Focusing on you motivation, confidence and resilience, we lay a solid foundation to help you learn the language faster and easier. 

We are your advantage to learn
a new language.

Who are we?

Conversa Spanish Institute was founded in 2018 by Ines Ruiz and a team of experts in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

When she was Lecturer at Cambridge University. Cambridge,she created one of the first online learning environments for the Spanish department.

Inés is focused on change and transform traditional teaching environments to make them more current with the focus on conscious learning.

She has appeared in media such as Business Insider, CNBC and
Money Inc.

Her student have highlighted her teaching style simple, logical and motivational; and have been described as a very inspiring teacher.

You want to know more? You can see one of her interviews on RTVE 

Our amazing Team

yesINÉs ruiz

Founder and CEO

Ines Ruiz founded ELEInternacional in 2015. She has a BA in Translation and a Postgraduate in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. She also has a Masters degree in Education and E-learning and a Masters in Neuroeducation..

Alvaro Sesmilo

Managing Director

Degree in Hispanic Philology and member of the research group on Linguistic Identity at the University of Alcala. Restless and adventurous teacher with more than 15 years of experience teaching Spanish in the Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, USA and Spain. He is the director of the International Master's Degree in teaching Spanish in multiple contexts at the Miguel de Cervantes European University and ELEInternacional.

Elena Esteve

Administration Director

Elena studied Translation and interpretation at the Jaume I University. He has the ELE certificate and the Master's Degree in Teacher Training for Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate, Vocational Training and Language Teaching. Has a Extensive experience as a language teacher.

Martha Ezquerro

academic advisor

Licenciada en Filología Hispánica por la Universidad de Barcelona, con especialización en los cursos de doctorado de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid sobre Literatura del Siglo de Oro, y con Máster de Español para Extranjeros por la Universidad Menéndez Pelayo (Santander).

yesOlaya Fernandez

Online academic coordinator

Olaya has a degree in Classical Philology and a Master's Degree in Secondary Education with a specialization in Latin, Greek and Spanish. It is specialist in teaching Spanish as a second language for children since 2012. He started collaborating with ELEInternational in 2017, creating content for the blog and has continued ever since, now being an online consultant.

yesAndrea Storey

Language and teaching support

Andrea has a degree in Hispanic Philology from the Southern Illinois University. As a college student, she was a research assistant and helped restructure the undergraduate curriculum. Currently, she is a freelance translator and Spanish teacher.