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Essential fall words and phrases

Essential Fall Words and Phrases

When the leaves change and the air gets crisp, it feels like we’re stepping into a new world. Days are filled with different festivals and traditions, special meals and treats fill our kitchens. There are certainly foods, activities and descriptions you’ll want to know, and these essential fall words will help you talk about your favorite things.

There’s no doubt that fall looks different depending on your background, where you are in the world, and your own personal interests. Every city, whether in a Spanish-speaking country or not, will have unique traits that distinguish it from all the rest. Hopefully the following fall words will spark your interest to learn more about what you enjoy (or don’t) about this time of year.

Essential fall words

  • Las hojasleaves
  • La calabaza- pumpkin, gourd
  • El otoño- autumn
  • La estación- season (of weather)
  • La cosecha- harvest
  • El espantapájaros- scarecrow
  • El cuervo- crow, raven
  • El resfriado- cold (sickness)
  • El abrigo- coat
  • La tarta de manzana/calabaza- Apple/pumpkin pie
  • El equinoccio de otoño- autumnal equinox
  • Las velas- candles
  • Cosecharto harvest
  • Cambiar- to change
  • Resfriarse- to catch a cold
  • Rastrillar– to rake
  • Calentarse- to warm up
  • Llover- to rain
  • Decorar- to decorate
  • Caerse- to fall

Fall phrases

  • Hace fresco- It’s cool out.
  • Está lloviendo- It’s raining.
  • ¿De qué estás agradecido?- What are you thankful for?
  • El sol sale más tarde- The sun comes out later.
  • El sol se pone más temprano- The sun sets earlier.
  • ¿Dónde está mi chaqueta impermeable?- Where is my raincoat?
  • ¿Te gusta el otoño?- Do you like the fall?
  • (No) Me gusta el otoño- I (don’t) like the fall

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