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Immediate Benefits of Learning Spanish Conversa

Immediate Benefits of Learning Spanish

There really are endless reasons to start learning another language! You can travel to new places, meet new people, and even gain some new perspectives on the world. Tons of research has come out about the benefits of a bilingual brain in both kids and adults. All of these common reasons have one thing in common: they take a long time. However, did you know that there are plenty of immediate benefits of learning Spanish, in addition to the long-term ones? We’ll show you some that will get you motivated

Immediate benefits of learning Spanish

  1. You make new connections to words you already recognize. When you start learning Spanish, even the basics, old phrases will have a new meaning. For example, maybe you’ve seen “chile con queso” and knew it was spicy cheese, but once you learn those 3 little words, you understand that it means “spicy pepper with cheese.” You start to make these sorts of connections all the time.
  2. Improve your memory. Practicing new words and phrases can really make you focus. Every time you practice new words or grammar, you’re constantly working your memory.
  3. Boost your confidence. The first time you speak to a native speaker is an unmatched experience. It truly makes you feel like you can do anything. Speaking to strangers is scary enough, and doing it in a language you’re learning is something to really be proud of.
  4. Connect to other cultures. Language and culture are inherently connected. Once you start learning words that don’t exactly translate to English, you’ll notice the way Spanish-speakers see the world a little differently. For example, when you learn about the times of the day, you’ll notice that “A.M.” and “P.M.” don’t exist, so the day is split differently.

There are tons more benefits, but hopefully these 4 will give you a little boost to get practicing! Do you have any other benefits that you’ve noticed since you started learning Spanish or any other language? Let us know!

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