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Practice writing and speaking from home Conversa blog

Practice Writing and Speaking from Home

A huge benefit of taking a Spanish course is the constant writing and speaking practice that you get. Your teacher and classmates can give you feedback, and you’re provided with various activities to practice grammar and vocabulary. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t practice writing and speaking from home! If you’re looking for ways to immerse yourself at home, we’ll give you some great tips to improve your skills.

Practice writing at home

  1. Find a pen pal. If you know someone that speaks and writes in Spanish, you can write to each other! Writing by hand is a great way to practice grammar and spelling, since there isn’t a computer that auto corrects it.
  2. Use social media. Pick your favorite social media and comment on posts in Spanish.
  3. Daily journaling. Get yourself a nice notebook and good pen and write a little bit every day. You can choose a variety of topics and look up new vocabulary. It’s a great way to learn words that are interesting to you!

Practice speaking at home

  1. Read out loud. By reading out loud, you’re working on your fluency and pronunciation. Then, when you get the chance to speak to someone, you’ll feel much more confident having said these words out loud before.
  2. Repeat what you hear. If you’re watching TV, repeat back phrases that you hear in Spanish!
  3. Sing along to music in Spanish. You wouldn’t believe how much music in Spanish helps your speaking skills. You’ll catch yourself singing along in no time.

These are just a few basic tips on what you can do to supplement your Spanish learning. On the other hand, it’s definitely worth it to sign up for a course so you have a teacher and classmates to work with. Here at Conversa, you can take them completely online!

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