5 Uncommon Spanish Grammar Rules You Need to Know

5 Uncommon Spanish Grammar Rules You Need to Know Conversa Spanish Institute

As you progress in your language journey, you’ll find not only the fundamental grammar rules but also some lesser-known or uncommon structures that can feel challenging. Sometimes, these are rules that English doesn’t have, making them feel tricky. Understanding these nuances is essential for achieving fluency and accuracy in Spanish communication. In this article, we’ll […]

Short Stories for Intermediate Spanish Learners

Short stories for intermediate Spanish learners Conversa Spanish Institute

Are you an intermediate Spanish learner looking to enhance your language skills and immerse yourself in captivating stories? Reading short stories is a fantastic way to expand your vocabulary, improve comprehension, and gain a deeper understanding of the Spanish language and culture. The best part? You can do it from your own home! In this […]

Bridging Language and Connection for Spanish Learners

Bridging language and connection for Spanish learners Conversa Spanish Institute

While trying to become fluent, Spanish learners often find themselves navigating the complexities of effective communication to feel a real connection to who they’re speaking with. Beyond vocabulary and grammar, the art of communication involves a mindful approach that goes way beyond linguistic barriers. In this article, we’ll explore the intersection of mindfulness and communication, […]

Set Goals for Learning Spanish at Home

Set goals for learning Spanish at home Conversa Spanish Institute

There are so many great benefits to learning Spanish at home. For example, you get to learn at your own pace, it’s typically less expensive, and you can choose topics that you’re genuinely interested in. However, it’s easy for self-guided students to start to feel lost. If you feel like you’re studying aimlessly and don’t […]

Sounding More Natural with the Passive Voice

Sounding More Natural with the Passive Voice Conversa Spanish Institute

In English, it’s very common to use the passive voice in everyday speech, formal written work, and everything in between. However, in Spanish, using the passive voice as a literal translation from English can sound choppy and unnatural. It can even make you sound way more formal than you mean to! As you’ve probably already […]

Words with Double Meanings in Spanish

Words with double meanings in Spanish

Everyone who has learned another language has had their fair share of embarrassing stories. Some are for using the completely wrong word, like calling a car borracho instead of barato (true story!). However, sometimes, words can have a different meaning depending on the country. If you aren’t familiar with the slang or culture of a […]

Advanced Spanish Tech Vocabulary

Advanced Spanish Tech Vocabulary Conversa Spanish Institute

Technology is a necessary part of all of our lives, and some of the most common terms we use every day. Think about all of the time you spend online, telling people about things you said or saw on social media, or using different softwares at work. So much of our lives are in screens, […]

Try Learning with the Pomodoro Technique

Try Learning with the Pomodoro Technique Conversa Spanish Institute

If you’re familiar with the Italian language, or even Italian food, you might have heard the term pomodoro, which means tomato! You might be thinking, what does a tomato have to do with learning? The creator of the Pomodoro Technique, Francesco Cirillo, developed this time management strategy with a tomato-shaped timer! It’s climbed in fame […]

Master the Difference Between Traer and Llevar

Master the difference between traer and llevar Conversa Spanish Institute

The difference between traer and llevar has caused many headaches for Spanish learners because of their similarities, and English isn’t exactly the same. Many students mix up when to use these two verbs, and although you’re understood by native speakers, it sounds a little funny. Surely you’ve heard them both used, but can you tell […]

Talk About Your Summer in Spanish

Talk about your summer in Spanish Conversa Spanish Institute

These next few months might mean a break from school, more time with family, and summer nights with friends. That doesn’t mean Spanish needs to take a break, too! In fact, these warm months present a great opportunity to learn and use summer vocabulary in Spanish to talk about your plans and hobbies. Odds are, […]