Gestures in Hispanic Cultures

Gestures in hispanic cultures Conversa Spanish Institute

Fluency isn’t just about the words you speak, but also about how you speak them. Gestures and body language play a huge role in communicating! Hand motions and facial expressions might feel like common sense because you’ve been using them your whole life, but gestures are actually very cultural. There are some gestures that are […]

B1 Spanish Cooking Vocabulary

B1 Spanish cooking vocabulary Conversa Spanish Institute

Spanish cooking vocabulary is so crucial for daily life. When you think about it, between meals, snacks and making plans, this vocabulary comes up a lot. Basic vocabulary for novice speakers is helpful, but if you’re ready to take on more higher-level terms, we’ll show you B1 words and phrases to add to your repetoir. […]

Be My Guest: Phrases to Tell Your Event Host

Be my guest: phrases to tell your event host Conversa Spanish Institute

At a dinner party, a nice lunch, or even a calm evening at home, it’s important to learn how to compliment the hard work your event host put into the food. While simple phrases like “Me gusta mucho” gets the point across that you like it, it can get pretty repetitive. It also doesn’t really […]

Feel Confident Talking About Fractions in Spanish

Feel confident talking about fractions in Spanish Conversa

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a complicated math lesson. There are actually many average daily actions that would require you to talk about fractions in Spanish. Think about if you want half of a sandwich at a deli. Maybe you want to say you only read 1/4 of a book. These typically require […]

Is A Video Too Fast? Slow It Down!

Is a video too fast? Slow it down! Conversa Spanish Institute

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “Spanish speakers just speak too fast”? It can feel frustrating as a new learner to feel like you can’t keep up. The good thing is, you don’t have to listen to everything at the original pace. Yes, the goal is to understand regular communication, but that takes time! If […]

What Is Mindset Theory?

What is mindset theory? Conversa

Behind all of the blogs, podcasts and lessons around the power of mindset is mindset theory. According to it, people have either a growth or fixed mindset. Those with a growth mindset believe that you’re able to change and develop your abilities, while those with a fixed mindset think their abilities and intelligence aren’t able […]

Learning Strategies to Practice Spanish at Home

All throughout your time as a young student, your teachers used different learning strategies in the classroom. Different strategies work for different people, which is why your teachers may have used lots of different things! Do you remember any learning strategies that you liked? If not, don’t worry, because we’ll show you a few that […]

No, It’s Not Too Late to Learn Spanish

No, it's not too late to learn Spanish Conversa

You’ve probably seen bilingual or multilingual children and thought, “Wow! They’re like little sponges with languages!” It’s true that children may have an easier time with some linguistic components, but adults can be just as successful. It’s never too late to start learning. There was a time when researchers thought that only children can pick […]

Formation of the Conditional Tense

Formation of the conditional tense Conversa

The conditional tense gets its name because you’re describing what would or could happen in the future given certain circumstances or conditions. It’s often used for hypothetical situations or making requests politely. In fact, it’s similar in English! We often ask, “Could you … ?” to ask someone politely to do something. That’s the conditional! […]

A Polyglot’s Secrets to Learn a Language at Home

A polyglot's secrets to learn a language at home Conversa.

If you haven’t heard the term before, a polyglot refers to someone who knows and is able to use several languages. These are people who are passionate about language learning and dedicate lots of time to practicing multiple. In addition to his native language English, Olly Richards speaks a whopping 8 languages- French, Spanish, Portuguese, […]