Texting in Spanish

Texting in Spanish Conversa blog

When you start learning and practicing a new language, making Spanish-speaking friends is the natural next step. You can practice with them, learn from them, and hopefully create new memories together. Nowadays, a large portion of our communication happens on the internet. This includes social media platforms, instant messages, emails, and any other site where […]

Reflecting on Reflexive Verbs

Reflecting on reflexive verbs Conversa blog

At the very beginning of your Spanish classes, you probably learned “Me llamo…” to say “My name is…” but did you know it literally translates to “I call myself”? In fact, this introductory phrase is part of a category of verbs called reflexive verbs. There are lots of reflexive verbs in Spanish that have special […]

Add More Spanish to Your Daily Routine

Add more Spanish to your daily routine Conversa blog

Just because you don’t live in a Spanish-speaking country doesn’t mean you can’t add Spanish to your daily routine. You can add as much or as little Spanish as you want! The more you practice on your own, the better your speaking, reading, writing and listening skills will be. Taking Spanish classes online is a […]

Take Your Pronunciation to the Next Level

Take your pronunciation to the next level Conversa blog

There isn’t anything wrong with having an accent when you’re speaking your second (or third, fourth, etc.) language. It’s actually extremely rare for someone to speak multiple languages and not have an accent in any of them! However, when it comes to pronunciation, sometimes that can make it harder to be understood. We’ll show you […]

Things to Label at Home in Spanish

Things to label at home in Spanish

There’s a reason that teachers have been labeling items in their classrooms for years. The best way to learn new vocabulary isn’t by translating in your head, but rather associating images and symbols with the word in the target language. For example, you want to practice looking at a tree and thinking “árbol“, not thinking […]

The Supermarket Challenge: Foods in Spanish

The Supermarket Challenge Foods in Spanish

The last time you went to the supermarket, what did you get? Did you pick up some arroz and pollo, or maybe some manzanas and zanahorias? A great way to practice Spanish in your daily life is to see what words you know in Spanish as you go about your daily life. Fortunately, many stores […]

Immerse Yourself in Spanish at Home

Immerse yourself in Spanish at home

There are lots of reasons why you’d want to find ways to immerse yourself in Spanish at home. Maybe traveling is too expensive, you work or go to school full time, or you don’t know anyone around you that speaks Spanish. Don’t worry, there are ways that you can surround yourself with this beautiful language […]

Tips for learning Spanish from home.

If you want to start learning Spanish before traveling to a Spanish speaking country you need to study the language with the best tips and tools. Here are some of our suggestions: Find someone to talk to. This can be through a chat app or someone at home who can practice with you. Practice makes perfect, […]

Learning Spanish from home?

5 perks of learning Spanish from home. If your lifestyle does not allow for traveling abroad to learn a new language, don’t worry. There are some definite perks to learning a language from home.  You set the pace.  We have all been in a class where our classmates seem to be getting things much faster […]

Reasons Why You Should Start Learning Spanish

Reasons Why You Should Start Learning Spanish More and more people are starting to recognize the personal and professional benefits of learning a second language. If you’re looking to learn and master a new language, Spanish should be on your radar.  Keep reading to discover why it’s one of the best languages to learn today: […]