Read Bilingual Books to Expand Your Vocabulary

Read Bilingual Books to Expand Your Vocabulary Conversa Spanish Institute

Novels that are completely in Spanish can seem overwhelming at first! They’re a great way to learn, but they aren’t the first books you should try to read. Even though you’re an adult, when you first start learning Spanish, your reading level is that of a kid. The best way to expand your vocabulary as […]

Different Ways to Express Gratitude

Different ways to express gratitude Conversa

One of the first words you probably learned in Spanish was gracias, the simplest way to say thanks. Knowing gracias, you’re able to express gratitude in the simplest way. However, it can feel repetitive! We’ll show you more ways to say “thank you!” to broaden your vocabulary. Some of the following phrases use gracias in […]

Make Your Vocabulary Lessons Stick

Make Your Vocabulary Lessons Stick

Of all the thousands of words in the Spanish language, did you know that native speakers regularly only use about 18,000? That can still seem like a huge, even scary, amount of vocabulary to learn. How can someone learn all of that in a manageable way? The key is to make your vocabulary lessons stick. […]

Add More Spanish to Your Daily Routine

Add more Spanish to your daily routine Conversa blog

Just because you don’t live in a Spanish-speaking country doesn’t mean you can’t add Spanish to your daily routine. You can add as much or as little Spanish as you want! The more you practice on your own, the better your speaking, reading, writing and listening skills will be. Taking Spanish classes online is a […]

Despacito… Did I hear that right?

CONVERSA Despacito. Did I hear that right?

It’s often said when learning a new language, that singing along to popular songs can help with knowledge retention, increase vocabulary, and even make the language easier and more fun to learn. And what better way than to do that with Luis Fonsi’s record-breaking 2017 smash hit “Despacito”? But if you’re singing along to  “Despacito”, […]