Mindfulness Techniques for Spanish Pronunciation

Mindfulness techniques for Spanish pronunciation Conversa Spanish Institute

Learning Spanish is an exciting journey, but tackling pronunciation can often feel like navigating a linguistic obstacle course. The secret to mastering the art of Spanish pronunciation lies in the world of mindfulness. By incorporating simple mindfulness techniques into your language study routine, you can not only improve your pronunciation but also enhance your overall […]

Spanish Grammar Made Easy for New Learners

Spanish Grammar Made Easy for New Learners Conversa Spanish Institute

So, you’ve decided to tackle Spanish, and learning the grammar can feel like cracking a secret code. In this article, we’re breaking down the ins and outs of Spanish grammar, giving you the cheat sheet to navigate the language like a pro. At the heart of Spanish grammar are key components that shape the language’s […]

Bridging Language and Connection for Spanish Learners

Bridging language and connection for Spanish learners Conversa Spanish Institute

While trying to become fluent, Spanish learners often find themselves navigating the complexities of effective communication to feel a real connection to who they’re speaking with. Beyond vocabulary and grammar, the art of communication involves a mindful approach that goes way beyond linguistic barriers. In this article, we’ll explore the intersection of mindfulness and communication, […]

New Year, Nuevas Metas: Setting Goals for the New Year

New Year, Nuevas Metas: Setting Goals for the New Year Conversa Spanish Institute

It’s time to hang up the new calendars because the new year is here! For Spanish learners, this is a great time to reflect on language goals and embrace the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions. Setting goals can enhance your language learning journey, and even help you boost your proficiency. Look back to move […]

Try Learning with the Pomodoro Technique

Try Learning with the Pomodoro Technique Conversa Spanish Institute

If you’re familiar with the Italian language, or even Italian food, you might have heard the term pomodoro, which means tomato! You might be thinking, what does a tomato have to do with learning? The creator of the Pomodoro Technique, Francesco Cirillo, developed this time management strategy with a tomato-shaped timer! It’s climbed in fame […]

Let Go of Past and Future Thoughts

Let go of past and future thoughts Conversa Spanish Institute

Did you know that holding on to your past and future thoughts can prevent you from truly enjoying the present? Learning requires being aware of what’s here now. In order to learn in a way where Spanish can really stick, you need to learn to clear your mind and stop worrying about what you can’t […]

Mindful Walking Activities to Relax

Mindful walking activities to relax Conversa Spanish Institute

How often are you sitting during the day? It might be more than you think! Getting up doing mindful walking activities are beneficial for several reasons. Your brain needs and craves movement, which is why sitting still for too long isn’t good for our bodies or our brains. If you’re feeling tense or stressed, try […]

Be Kind to Yourself as a Learner

Be kind to yourself as a learner

Learning Spanish can be filled with lots of joyous moments and accomplishments. When we start to feel frustrated, it can be hard to be kind to ourselves. Every so often, everyone can fall into a slump and feel like they aren’t making the progress they want. What’s important is to remind yourself that you’re doing […]

La Candelaria- February 2 in Spain

La Candelaria- February 2 in Spain Conversa Spanish Institute

It’s no surprise that many holidays in Spain come from Christian traditions and event, and La Candelaria is no exception. This holiday actually incorporates another aspect of Spanish culture that people around the world recognize as very Spanish indeed- bullfighting. If you’re planning on being in Spain on February 2, keep this holiday in mind. […]

What Is Mindset Theory?

What is mindset theory? Conversa

Behind all of the blogs, podcasts and lessons around the power of mindset is mindset theory. According to it, people have either a growth or fixed mindset. Those with a growth mindset believe that you’re able to change and develop your abilities, while those with a fixed mindset think their abilities and intelligence aren’t able […]