Trabalenguas: Tongue Twisters in Spanish

Trabalenguas: tongue twisters in Spanish Conversa

Perhaps one of the most fun ways to practice your pronunciation is to try out some trabalenguas, or tongue twisters. They’re silly, challenging and rewarding. If you’re ready for a new way to focus on certain sound blends, or if you’re bored of traditional pronunciation practices, these trabalenguas will surely keep you and your friends, […]

Record Yourself Speaking to Improve Pronunciation

Record yourself speaking to improve pronunciation Conversa blog

Sometimes, finding someone to practice speaking with is the absolute hardest part of learning a language. Whether you’re excited to chat or anxious to speak in front of others, if you want to improve your pronunciation, it’s a good idea to record yourself. We’ll give you some tips to use any voice recorder you have […]

Be Proud of Your Accent

Be proud of your accent

Everybody has an accent. That’s true! Every single person has one. They can be indicators of where someone’s from, like how someone from Illinois tends to sound different than someone from Alabama. Also, they can show what other languages you speak. It’s extremely, extremely rare for someone to have no accent when they’re multilingual. Be […]

Take Your Pronunciation to the Next Level

Take your pronunciation to the next level Conversa blog

There isn’t anything wrong with having an accent when you’re speaking your second (or third, fourth, etc.) language. It’s actually extremely rare for someone to speak multiple languages and not have an accent in any of them! However, when it comes to pronunciation, sometimes that can make it harder to be understood. We’ll show you […]

Tongue Twister Day!

CONVERSA tongue twister day!

Did you know that November 10 is #TongueTwisterDay? No? Can’t blame you. But, since you are here, let me explain why tongue twisters are interesting for language learners. Tongue twisters, as the very words may imply, are sentences designed to be recited at a fast pace causing one to get tongue-tied. This happens because all […]