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Useful Spanish Office Vocabulary

Useful Spanish Office Vocabulary

Whether you’re trying to learn possible vocabulary for the future or are actively trying to speak more Spanish at work, office vocabulary will be very useful! Most of this vocabulary is common in daily life, and can come in handy outside of the office, too.

In addition to when you’re on the clock, they’re helpful words and phrases to know when you’re out shopping, chatting with friends about work, or any other task that could use paper, makers and your computer. Start practicing them now!

Spanish office vocabulary- nouns

First, let’s take a look at common supplies that you might use or talk about.

  • La oficinaoffice
  • La reunión- meeting
  • La impresoraprinter
  • La computadora / el ordenador computer
    • Depending on the country you’re in, you might hear one or both of these phrases to refer to a computer.
  • La etiquetalabel, tag
  • La pluma / el bolígrafopen
    • Depending on the country you’re in, you might hear one or both of these phrases to refer to a pen.
  • El escritoriodesk

Spanish office verbs and phrases

In addition to supplies, these are verbs and phrases you’ll surely use at work and at home.

  • Nos vemos prontoSee you soon
  • Buscarto look for
    • When using this verb, notice that it means to look for, meaning when you conjugate buscar, you don’t need to add the word para after it. You just need to say buscar + what you’re looking for.
    • For example, you could say, “Busco la tienda” to say “I’m looking for the store.”
  • Trabajarto work (a job)
  • Funcionarto function, to work (an item)
  • Estoy ocupado/aI’m busy
    • Make sure to make the adjective ocupado/a agree with your gender!
  • Imprimirto print
  • Asistirto attend (a meeting, an event, school, etc.)
    • Don’t be fooled, this doesn’t mean to assist! That’s the verb atender, similar to the English verb, “to tend to”.

These common words and phrases will surely be useful as you continue your Spanish language journey. What other office vocabulary is helpful to know? Let us know in the comments!

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