Challenges of Learning from Home and How to Face Them

Challenges of learning at home and how to face them Conversa

Learning from home can have really awesome benefits. It can be inexpensive to not pay for courses, and you can practice on your own time. If you’re catching on quickly, you can go at a more accelerated rate. On the other hand, if you need more time and practice, you can go slower. However, there […]

Qué or Cuál? Which “what” is which?

Qué or Cuál? Which "what" is which? Conversa

Most of the question words, or interrogative pronouns, in Spanish seem to translate exactly the same way in English. For example, in the question, ”Cuándo es el examen?” meaning “When is the test?”, cuándo mean when. In certain cases, the question words qué or cuál can take on similar meanings, like what or which. We’ll […]

Immediate Benefits of Learning Spanish

Immediate Benefits of Learning Spanish Conversa

There really are endless reasons to start learning another language! You can travel to new places, meet new people, and even gain some new perspectives on the world. Tons of research has come out about the benefits of a bilingual brain in both kids and adults. All of these common reasons have one thing in […]

Why Mindset Matters

Why mindset matters Conversa

The way we see the world around us can have a direct impact on our mood. You’ve probably noticed that when you have a pessimistic attitude towards your day, your mood tends to get worse. On the other hand, when you have a positive attitude, your mood improves. Did you know that your mindset can […]

Querido Diario: Journal in Spanish

Querido diario journal in Spanish Conversa

Having a language journal when learning a language has lots of perk, and is even more useful if you’re learning at home. You can find thousands of products on the shelves that have different templates, prompts and lengths, or you can pick up a simple notebook and pen. Whichever route you choose to start to […]

Vocabulario Viernes: Months in Spanish

Vocabulario viernes months in Spanish Conversa

Welcome back to Vocabulario Viernes! Today, we’re continuing our vocabulary about the calendar in Spanish. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out of our last Vocabulario Viernes on days of the week. After learning the days of the week and the format of a calendar in Spanish, here we’ll show you the months in […]

What Are You Doing? Master the Present Progressive

What are you doing right now? Are you reading about Spanish? Are you thinking about studying abroad? There are different ways that we can describe the grammatical present, and one of those ways is the present progressive. In English, it’s when we use “-ing”. If you want to start practicing this common grammatical structure, check […]

Set Realistic Goals for Yourself

Set realistic goals for yourself Conversa Spanish Institute

Think about the moment you decided that you were going to start learning a new language. You were probably excited thinking about the places you wold go and the people you would meet! Maybe you downloaded an app that teaches you little by little. Then, the realization sets in. Even though it feels like you’ve […]

Summer 2022 Spanish Music Playlist

Summer 2022 Spanish Music Playlist Conversa

Every summer, countless artists release new music just in time for parties, family gatherings, hanging out by the pool, and every other activity you can do under the sun, literally. Music brings us together and helps our brains unlock old memories. Music is a powerful tool and a way to express what we might not […]

Trabalenguas: Tongue Twisters in Spanish

Trabalenguas: tongue twisters in Spanish Conversa

Perhaps one of the most fun ways to practice your pronunciation is to try out some trabalenguas, or tongue twisters. They’re silly, challenging and rewarding. If you’re ready for a new way to focus on certain sound blends, or if you’re bored of traditional pronunciation practices, these trabalenguas will surely keep you and your friends, […]