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5 Amazing Benefits of Practicing Meditation

From companies like Google implementing the practice into employees’ work routines to wellness junkies practicing it every day, meditating has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. 

With people recognizing the benefits of meditating, more people are doing it, through whichever means they prefer.

But what are the benefits of practicing meditation? Here are a few of the most significant ones:

1. Improve Your Mental Health

One of the biggest advantages of meditation is the positive benefits it has on your mental health. Studies have shown that practicing regular meditation helps reduce depression and anxiety, as it’s an extremely beneficial technique for reducing stress.

Considering how our mental health is directly related to our physical and emotional well-being, it’s important to keep that in check. 

Other ways that we can boost mental well-being could be through positive thinking, affirmations, exercising, practicing gratitude, opening up to others, and building a strong support network of friends and family. 

2. Increase Self-Awareness

One of the most common habits that people struggle with is overthinking and overanalyzing. As we continue to get more busy and overloaded with information, it’s become more difficult to be in touch with your own character — including your feelings, emotions, and beliefs.

It’s important to be self-aware to have a greater understanding and perception into why we behave in certain ways, and which underlying thoughts and beliefs drive our behavior. 

Meditating helps you focus inwards, while the rest of the world is trying to direct your focus outwards. It gives you the opportunity to observe your thoughts, feelings, and emotions without judgment by simply witnessing them, so you’ll be able to have greater control and power in your life. 

3. Reduce Physical Pain

Another one of the most widely sought after benefits of practicing meditation is reduced pain in the body. 

Studies have proven that meditation can actually change the body’s response to and the perception of pain by reducing activity in the region of the brain that’s responsible for experiencing it. 

Meditating can, therefore, be extremely helpful for those suffering from chronic pain caused by physical health conditions, or those experiencing physical pain that’s manifested by chronic tension, stress, and anxiety. 

4. Feel More Connected  

Humans are social creatures — we all strive to feel connected with family, friends, and acquaintances around us. However, in the age of technology where it’s become easier than ever to get in touch with people, a significant amount of people are experiencing the effects of loneliness.

A study has proven that by enhancing feelings of love and kindness through meditation, we can experience more positivity towards others and feel more connected to them. By practicing meditation, you can decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation and feel more connected and close with those around you. 

5. Enhance Your Learning Abilities

One of the most amazing benefits of practicing meditation is having the ability to enhance your learning. Studies have proven that meditation can alter brain structure by enhancing cognitive processes, such as those that are responsible for emotional regulation, executive control,  and sustained attention.

If you’re looking to enhance your learning abilities or reap any of the other benefits of meditation, download the Conversa Spanish Institute App, and you’ll gain access to various meditation techniques that help calm your body and unlock your true language learning abilities.

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