Master the 5 Spanish Vowels

Master the 5 Spanish Vowel Sounds Conversa

Do you remember learning about vowels in English? You might remember it because English has 5 vowels, but they all make different sounds! In fact, there are 12 total vowel sounds in English. English has long and short vowels, meaning the sound changes depending on lots of factors. Here, we’ll give you the tools to […]

Multiple Ways to Use “Llevar”

Multiple ways to use "llevar" Conversa

If you want to start sounding like a native speaker, the verb llevar is going to be one of your most common verbs. It’s very versatile and has different uses. You might have learned that this verb means “to carry” or “to wear”, and that’s definitely true! Here, we’ll show you some other ways you […]

Spanish Words Without Exact English Translations

Spanish Words Without Exact English Translations Conversa blog

Every language has words that are based on their culture’s way of life. This means that in Spanish, there are lots of words without exact English translations. Of course, they’re words that you can describe with a few words or a sentence, but there isn’t a 1-to-1 exact translation. This can make some conversations tricky […]

5 Things I Learned When I Put My Phone in Spanish

A cell phone next to the title, "5 Things I Learned When I Put My Phone in Spanish"

When I was first taking Spanish courses, my textbook still taught the words for cassette tapes. By the time I was preparing to move to Salamanca, Spain, I realized that although I felt prepared to communicate and live entirely in Spanish, I noticed one huge gap in my knowledge: technology vocabulary. So, what did I […]

3-Step Mindfulness Exercise Before Practicing Spanish

3-Step mindfulness exercise before practicing Spanish

After a long day of work, taking care of family, spending time with friends, and doing other hobbies that you like, sometimes learning a language can start to feel like a chore. Even if learning Spanish is something you want to master, it’s easy to get to a place where you feel tired, unmotivated or […]

¿Cómo Eres? What Are You Like?

¿Cómo eres? What are you like?

Although it might sound similar to the question ¿Cómo estás?, which is asking about how you are feeling right now, ¿Cómo eres? is asking what you are like. If you think about the differences between ser and estar, it makes sense that the first question is asking about your condition right now, and the second […]

Vocabulario Viernes: Days of the Week

Vocabulario viernes days of the week Conversa blog

Welcome to Vocabulario Viernes! Today’s topic is days of the week, or in Spanish, los días de la semana. You use days of the week to ask what day it is, to make plans, to understand deadlines, and so much more. In this article, we’ll show you the days of the week, and a few […]

Be Proud of Your Accent

Be proud of your accent

Everybody has an accent. That’s true! Every single person has one. They can be indicators of where someone’s from, like how someone from Illinois tends to sound different than someone from Alabama. Also, they can show what other languages you speak. It’s extremely, extremely rare for someone to have no accent when they’re multilingual. Be […]

How to Deal with Error Embarrassment

How to Deal with Error Embarrassment

While learning a new language, there will be times you make an error. Sometimes they’re small, like forgetting the difference between ser and estar. Other times, you’re having a conversation and refer to your car as borracho instead of barrato. So, how can we deal with error embarrassment when we said the wrong thing and […]

What Do I Do If I Don’t Understand?

What Do I Do If I Don’t Understand

It’s happened to all of us. You were so excited to practice Spanish with a native speaker, and you were so confident in yourself! Then, the other person started talking, and you had no idea what words came out of their mouth. You feel frustrated, and a little embarrassed. In this article, we’ll help you […]