How to Deal with Error Embarrassment

How to Deal with Error Embarrassment

While learning a new language, there will be times you make an error. Sometimes they’re small, like forgetting the difference between ser and estar. Other times, you’re having a conversation and refer to your car as borracho instead of barrato. So, how can we deal with error embarrassment when we said the wrong thing and […]

What Do I Do If I Don’t Understand?

What Do I Do If I Don’t Understand

It’s happened to all of us. You were so excited to practice Spanish with a native speaker, and you were so confident in yourself! Then, the other person started talking, and you had no idea what words came out of their mouth. You feel frustrated, and a little embarrassed. In this article, we’ll help you […]

Tips for learning Spanish from home.

If you want to start learning Spanish before traveling to a Spanish speaking country you need to study the language with the best tips and tools. Here are some of our suggestions: Find someone to talk to. This can be through a chat app or someone at home who can practice with you. Practice makes perfect, […]

Learning Spanish from home?

5 perks of learning Spanish from home. If your lifestyle does not allow for traveling abroad to learn a new language, don’t worry. There are some definite perks to learning a language from home.  You set the pace.  We have all been in a class where our classmates seem to be getting things much faster […]

Is an immersive program for me?

Is an immersive program for me?

Surely you have tried or thought about learning a language before. The first thought most people have is: Where do I begin?  Languages are complex things to learn. You need to learn not only the words, but the mannerisms, colloquial phrasings, and the inexplicable rules of the language and culture. These are details that are […]

Why is Valencia the best place to learn Spanish immersively?

Learning a new language can be challenging, but learning it while living in a foreign country will be the best option for you. Now, you must be wondering, how do I choose the right place for me. Well, we are here to help. Here are 5 reasons why Valencia is the best choice for you. […]

3 Easy Hacks to Help You Nail Your Spanish Accent

So you are starting to get the hang of Spanish, but your accent leaves much to be desired? Don’t worry!  It is perfectly normal for native English speakers to struggle a bit with their accent, especially if you haven’t had much chance to practice your Spanish skills in the real world.  Don’t sweat it though. […]

Getting a Grip on Para and Por


There are some things in Spanish that can feel especially cumbersome for English speakers, and one of those is understanding the difference between para and por. The thing is that both of these words translate to the “for” in English, and a result, it can sometimes feel tricky to conceptualize the subtle differences in usage […]

Here Are 8 Breathtaking Spanish-Speaking Travel Destinations to Put on Your Bucket List


Whether you’ve just started to learn to speak Spanish or have been speaking Spanish your whole life, traveling to a Spanish-speaking country is one of the greatest ways to practice your language skills. You’ll learn about Spanish culture, get to eat different types of Spanish food, and have conversations with other Spanish speakers (which is […]

How to Practice Your Spanish Skills Without Having to Leave the Country


Did you know that you don’t have to live or spend time in a Spanish-speaking country to be fluent in Spanish? With a little dedication and creativity, there are lots of ways that anybody can practice Spanish without having to invest extra time, money, and resources into travel. Here are five smart ways to practice […]