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15 common costumes in Spanish

15 Common Costumes in Spanish

When Halloween rolls around every year, you’re sure to see some spooky sights. When talking about your Halloween traditions or favorite costumes, there are some words or characters that come up more than others.

If you’re from a country where Halloween is popular, it might surprise you to hear that this holiday is not as common world-wide as you might think. However, many Spanish-speaking countries celebrate holidays around this time of year. When talking about traditions in Spanish, you’re likely to learn something new in every conversation!

Common costumes in Spanish

Some costumes are tried and true, and very common to see! If you celebrated Halloween, you were likely at least one of these costumes in the past.

Numbers 1-6 are considered classics, where as 7-12 are spooky creatures. 13-15 are beloved characters that have been around for a while, and kids love them!

  1. Pumpkin- la calabaza
  2. Doctor- el/la médico/a
  3. Fireman- el/la bombero/a
  4. Cop- El/la policía
  5. Princess- la princesa
  6. Prince- el príncipe
  7. Vampire- el/la vampiro/a
  8. Werewolf- el hombre lobo/la loba
  9. Witch / warlock – la bruja/el brujo
  10. Ghost- el/la fantasma
  11. Devil- el/la diablo/a
  12. Dorothy- Dorothy (but Wizard of Oz is El mado de Oz!)
  13. SpongeBob- Bob Esponja
  14. Superman- Supermán
  15. Batman- Batman

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