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Are Verb Drills Helpful?

While learning a language can be fun and social, not every part of learning Spanish is super exciting. You might be wondering how helpful verb drills are. We’re here to tell you that despite the fact that they aren’t too riveting, they are very helpful to you as a Spanish student. In fact, there are lots of ways to try and jazz them up and make them more fun!

Why are verb drills helpful?

It’s proven that genuine exposure to the target language is crucial to becoming proficient. In order to feel more comfortable speaking, reading, listening and writing Spanish, learners need to interact with authentic sources. If that’s the case, then why do we need to use verb drills? First of all, verb drills help you conjugate verbs faster and more naturally. When you practice them, you’re more likely to be able to recognize the conjugated form of a verb when you see or hear it, as well as produce it.

Additionally, you learn all of the different forms of a verb. This gives you more insight on the entire verb as a whole, instead of just the most commonly used form of it. Although certain forms of a verb may be more common than others, verb drills help you to feel more comfortable and confident when you encounter these lesser-used forms.

Beneficial verb drills

Now that we’ve established that verb drills are useful, which ones are the best? That’s actually a bit of a hard question to answer. If possible, do verb drills where the verb is in a sentence. There are tons of online practice materials that you could use, and many of them are auto-graded. It’s good practice to repeat the sentence out loud, and look up any words that you don’t know.

There are also several websites where you can practice straight verb drills without any sentences, and many of them only require a free account. Lots of these websites even have games where conjugation is just a part of it. You’ll hardly even realize that you’re studying!

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