Savoring the Spanish New Year with 12 Grapes

Savoring the Spanish New Year with 12 grapes Conversa Spanish Institute

As the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, people around the world welcome the new year with various customs and traditions. In Spain, a unique and flavorful tradition takes center stage: the eating of the twelve grapes. This delightful custom, known as “Las doce uvas de la suerte,” holds deep cultural significance and adds a […]

Interesting Famous Spanish Painters

Interesting Famous Spanish Painters Conversa Spanish Institute

There’s no question that Spain has some of the most famous paintings in the history of the world, but how much do you know about their Spanish painters? Many of these artists have left long-lasting impacts on Spanish culture. You might even recognize a few of their names from Spanish class, pop culture or movies. […]

Gestures in Hispanic Cultures

Gestures in hispanic cultures Conversa Spanish Institute

Fluency isn’t just about the words you speak, but also about how you speak them. Gestures and body language play a huge role in communicating! Hand motions and facial expressions might feel like common sense because you’ve been using them your whole life, but gestures are actually very cultural. There are some gestures that are […]

La Candelaria- February 2 in Spain

La Candelaria- February 2 in Spain Conversa Spanish Institute

It’s no surprise that many holidays in Spain come from Christian traditions and event, and La Candelaria is no exception. This holiday actually incorporates another aspect of Spanish culture that people around the world recognize as very Spanish indeed- bullfighting. If you’re planning on being in Spain on February 2, keep this holiday in mind. […]

Day of the Dead is Not Halloween

Day of the Dead is Not Halloween Conversa

Have you started seeing beautifully decorated altars around your town or neighborhood? Maybe in the grocery store, you noticed a section filled with brightly colored skulls and paper. Day of the Dead is coming up in just a few weeks, and although it’s around the same time as Halloween, they couldn’t be more different. We’ll […]

Mother’s Day in the Spanish-Speaking World


May is the month of mothers around roughly half the globe. Do you know why this is? Each and every country has one — or several — reasons as to why they pay homage to motherhood in May. In most Spanish-speaking countries, this is mostly due to a strong religious background. So let’s talk Mother’s […]