More Than Just Spanish: Languages in Spain

More than just Spanish: languages in Spain Conversa Spanish Institute

When embarking on the exciting journey of learning Spanish, many students may not be aware of the rich linguistic tapestry that exists within the borders of Spain. While Spanish is the official language and the most widely spoken, there are several other languages in Spain that add diversity and cultural depth to this European nation. […]

10 Fun Facts About Spain

10 fun facts about Spain Conversa Spanish Institute

Have you been thinking about studying abroad? For a student of Spanish, Spain has tons to offer. The food, architecture and language are just 3 enticing reasons to visit, but there are tons of fun facts about Spain to draw you in. We’ll share some here! You’ve likely already heard of the running of the […]

Useful Spanish Office Vocabulary

Useful Spanish Office Vocabulary

Whether you’re trying to learn possible vocabulary for the future or are actively trying to speak more Spanish at work, office vocabulary will be very useful! Most of this vocabulary is common in daily life, and can come in handy outside of the office, too. In addition to when you’re on the clock, they’re helpful […]

La Candelaria- February 2 in Spain

La Candelaria- February 2 in Spain Conversa Spanish Institute

It’s no surprise that many holidays in Spain come from Christian traditions and event, and La Candelaria is no exception. This holiday actually incorporates another aspect of Spanish culture that people around the world recognize as very Spanish indeed- bullfighting. If you’re planning on being in Spain on February 2, keep this holiday in mind. […]

How to Choose a Place to Study Abroad

How to choose a place to study abroad Conversa

Learning Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country is an experience unlike any other. However, choosing a place to study can be very overwhelming. You really get to experience an entire new way of life, but there are just so many to choose from! Have no fear, we’ll help you narrow down your search by providing you […]