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5 Useful Spring Phrases in Spanish Conversa

5 Useful Spring Phrases in Spanish

The air is getting a little warmer, new clothes popping up in shop windows, and little bunnies are appearing in home décor aisles. That can only mean one thing- spring is just around the corner! To talk about this sunny new season, we’ll show you some useful spring phrases in Spanish that you can put into practice right away.

The spring is also when one of the most popular holidays in Spain takes place, and that’s La Pascua, or Easter. For the entire week, Spain celebrates la Semana Santa between Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Many people are off from school or work, and there are lots of fun events happening throughout the country. Therefore, it’s helpful to know how to talk about this time!

5 Useful spring phrases in Spanish

  1. ¿Cuáles son tus planes para la Semana Santa? What are your plans for Holy Week?
    • This is a great and useful question to ask what someone is planning on doing. If you want to ask in the past tense, you could ask ¿Cómo celebraste la Semana Santa? This means, How did you celebrate Holy Week?
  2. Hace buen tiempo hoyIt’s nice out today.
    • Pleasantries like this are super helpful when you’re trying to make small talk, or just to practice new vocabulary words!
  3. De donde soy, el clima es… Where I’m from, the weather is…
    • This is a great way to start a conversation! By talking about what spring weather is like where you’re from, you can start a dialogue and learn about the other person, too.
  4. En abril, aguas mil. – In april, it rains a lot.
  5. ¿Dónde está el mercado campesino/aire libre?Where’s the farmer’s/open air market?
    • With warm weather comes outdoor markets! Asking about where the outdoor shopping spaces are will help you learn more about the city, and likely some new shopping words, too!

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