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Be My Guest: Phrases to Tell Your Event Host

At a dinner party, a nice lunch, or even a calm evening at home, it’s important to learn how to compliment the hard work your event host put into the food. While simple phrases like “Me gusta mucho” gets the point across that you like it, it can get pretty repetitive. It also doesn’t really say exactly what you like about the dish. We’ll give you some phrases that you can add to your vocabulary to impress your host at your next event.

Polite expressions to say to the event host

First, before even tasting the food, there are some ways you can complement the host as soon as you walk in the door. Try some of these out next time you visit a friemd:

  1. Me encanta(n)…I love…
    • This is stronger than Me gusta(n) to show that you really like something! If you know the word in Spanish, that’s great! You can say Me encanta la lámpara, or if what you like is a plural noun, Me encantan las decoraciones. Don’t worry, if you don’t know the word for something, you can always point and say Me encanta esto to say I love that!
  2. Gracias por invitarmeThanks for inviting me
    • A little bit of kindness and appreciation goes a long way. Show you’re happy to be there with this simple gesture.
  3. Eres el/la mejorYou’re the best
    • Another easy way to show that you think they’re doing a great job. Since mejor goes with both genders, you would just need to use el or la, depending on the person’s gender.

Compliments to the chef

Let’s take a look at a few new ways we can complement the food someone else prepared. It’ll warm their heart, and hopefully secure you an invite to the next get together!

  1. Está buenísimo
  2. Está riquísimo
  3. Qué sabroso
  4. Es delicioso

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