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Turrón- Spain’s Tasty Christmas Treat

Holidays always come with special traditions that make everything even more magical. Certain decorations might make your home feel cozier, and certain events might remind you of your childhood. Many people think of Christmas cookies as the quintessential holiday treat. In Spain, many people love one specific treat- turrón. Have you ever heard of it?

This tasty treat only needs three simple ingredients– almonds, honey and egg whites. Of course, you’ll find different variations and personal spins on it. Here, we’ll tell you all about this traditional food that you’ll surely see abroad, and maybe even at your own grocery store.

Traditional Spanish Christmas foods

In Spain, Christmas often starts with Iberian ham (no surprises there), cheeses and different kinds of seafoods. It’s not uncommon to see pickles on the table with tasty bread. After all of that, plenty of families have a sort of soup or stew to kickstart their special dinner.

The real beauty after all of these appetizers is the perfectly cooked meat. You’ll find roasted meats galore. Some families prefer ham, while others enjoy lamb or seafood. Either way, Christmas dinner is a time for family to come together and eat traditional foods that make it feel like the holidays.

The star of dessert- turrón

No dessert table is complete without turrón, which in English translates to a type of nougat. On the table, you’ll also see powdered almond cookies called mantecados, different liqueurs like orujo or brandy, and whatever else the family likes as a sweet treat.

You’re able to buy turrón at any market, or you could make your own. Since it’s a simple dessert of only a few ingredients, you can easily make some yourself. To make turrón, all you need to do is warm honey and sugar, add in some flavor enhancers like cinnamon and lemon, mix in egg whites and stir in almonds. Now, there’s technique involved, but that’s the gist! Surely you’ll find a recipe that you like, or you could just head to your international supermarket to try some for yourself.

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