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Is an immersive program for me?

Is an immersive program for me?

Surely you have tried or thought about learning a language before. The first thought most people have is: Where do I begin? 

Languages are complex things to learn. You need to learn not only the words, but the mannerisms, colloquial phrasings, and the inexplicable rules of the language and culture. These are details that are hard to learn from a book.

This is easier to learn not only in a classroom but by observing locals while they use the language. This is the core of why an immersive language learning experience is vital. 

Also, when learning a language at home, you will rarely get the opportunity to practice with someone who actually knows the language. Getting to practice what you learn in class while you go to the supermarket or go on a night out will make the new language part of your day-to-day life. This will make this learning experience a lasting one. 

Another perk of learning a language in another country: Practice is mandatory, so fear is not an option. It is easy to fall into the fear of someone hearing us butcher a language, but when your day-to-day depends on you practicing you will have enough experience under your belt by the end of the program so that you can be sure of your language skills. This will give you the confidence to use your newfound talent in other circumstances. 

Finally, it is so much easier to learn a language in a space where you know you are not alone. Your classmates will most likely be on the same level, so you can help each other through the process. 

Learning a language is a challenge, but the perks of doing so are huge. If you feel like you are up for the challenge then contact us for more information on our immersive language program.

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