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5 Senses Exercise for Mindfulness Conversa

5 Senses Exercise for Mindfulness

Trying to learn a language without mindfulness is like trying to learn to ride a bike without handlebars; it’s possible, but it’s significantly harder and much more stressful. Paying attention to your 5 senses is a great way to start practicing mindfulness so you can ground yourself before (and even during!) your Spanish sessions. Fortunately, Positive Psychology has a great Five Senses Worksheet that can help you feel more present and ready to learn.

Why pay attention to the 5 senses?

Have you ever started feeling anxious and realize your mind is racing? Maybe you realized that you started panicking about a scenario that may not ever happen, or that doesn’t affect you right now. You might not even notice that your brain has completely left your body.

When learning a new language, it’s actually common for anxiety to spike. This is because when you don’t understand something, it can make you feel uncomfortable or even scared. When we pay attention to our 5 senses, it grounds us to bring awareness to the here and now. That way, we can feel calmer and learn much more efficiently.

The Five Senses Exercise

This activity is a great introduction to mindfulness, and something that you can practice whenever you want, wherever you are. Follow along with us as we go through Positive Psychology’s Five Senses Worksheet.

  1. Notice five things that you can see.
  2. Notice four things that you can feel.
  3. Notice three things that you can hear.
  4. Notice two things that you can smell.
  5. Notice one thing that you can taste.

As you do these steps, feel free to close your eyes and get comfy. Sit somewhere where you feel calm and can focus on your breathing. It’s possible to do this anywhere, but if you’re able to, you’ll feel better in a secluded and comfortable space.

Also, try and focus on things that you don’t normally notice. Maybe you’re hearing the whir of a machine you haven’t focused on before. You could also look at something small, like a little spec on the table or a crack in the wall. All of this will help you get in tune with your feelings and surroundings.

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