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Quick Guide To Speaking Spanish On Your Beach Vacation

Headed to the sunny south before summer ends? Planning to bury your toes in the sand on a beach in a Spanish-speaking country?

Although it’s likely that some of the staff at the resort will know at least some English, you’ll find it beneficial to familiarize yourself with some key phrases you can use while you’re spending your days sunbathing and listening to the waves lap against the shore. Resort employees may not frequent the beach area, so you may need to speak with locals or other Spanish-speaking visitors during your beach time. (And, you may need to know what to say to vendors who may stroll along trying to sell souvenirs or activities).

6 Spanish Phrases You Need to Know for Your Next Beach Vacation

  • Of course, directions to the bathroom are always important. ¿Dónde está el baño? (where is the bathroom?) are four little words that can have major impact on the success of a day at the beach.
  • You may need to request towels to use during the time you’re sunbathing. ¿Puedes traerme unas toallas, por favor? (bring me some towels, please) will serve you well.
  • Staying hydrated during a day in the sun is important, and the bottomless cocktails from the bar at the all-inclusive resort won’t help you achieve this. Familiarize yourself with the phrase agua, por favor (water, please). This is also important to know in case of an emergency.
  • Speaking of emergencies, you should know how to ask for help. Ve a buscar ayuda (go get help) and necesito ayuda (I need help) will enable you to get assistance quickly when you need it.
  • Of course, you may wish to order some beverages from the comfort of your beach chair. Dos cervezas, por favor (two beers, please), is a Spanish classic. Replace cervezas with your preferred beverage: mojito, cuba libre, tequila sunrise, or a piña colada.
  • If you need to avoid a beachside vendor, or ask them to return another time, you can simply tell them no, gracias (no, thank you) or por favor, vuelve más tarde (please come back later).

The Perfect Non-resort Beach in Mexico

If you’re adventure-minded and looking for an out-of-the way, non-touristy beach in Mexico, you’ll want to head to Troncones. It’s recognized as one of Conde Nast Traveler’s best beaches in Mexico, and with a population of under 600 people, it is certainly isolated. Troncones beach is located in Guerrero on Mexico’s Pacific coast, which is probably best known for the popular resort locations of Alcapulco and Ixtapa. Troncones Point is a perfect destination for surfers looking to catch some waves, and hikers will benefit from the close proximity of the Sierra Madre mountains. While there are homes (including rental properties), hotels, eateries, bars and shops in the area, it is not uncommon for visitors to be able to stroll the 5-kilometre beach without running into anyone else. If you really need time away from it all, but still need that occasional social contact, Troncones is the perfect destination for you.

No matter your destination, heading to the beach is a great excuse to practice your Spanish and even learn something new!

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