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Talk about your summer in Spanish Conversa Spanish Institute

Talk About Your Summer in Spanish

These next few months might mean a break from school, more time with family, and summer nights with friends. That doesn’t mean Spanish needs to take a break, too! In fact, these warm months present a great opportunity to learn and use summer vocabulary in Spanish to talk about your plans and hobbies.

Odds are, you won’t personally do all of these activities or use all of these items, but you’ll never know when they’ll come up in conversation. Someone you’re talking to might tell you about their plans, and you’ll be glad to have learned these key summer vocabulary words.

Common summer objects

Although you may be able to use some of these objects at other times of the year as well, they are definitely more common and popular in the summer. Also, keep in mind that these words may be different depending on who you’re talking to or where you are. Take a look!

  • El traje de baño / el bañadorswimsuit
  • El bloqueador solarsunscreen
  • La piscinaswimming pool
  • El heladoice cream
  • La playabeach
  • La quemadura de solsunburn
  • La limonadalemonade
  • La paletapopsicle
  • Las gafas de solsunglasses
  • La toalla- towel
  • La conchashell

Common vacation activities

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but these are some great examples of summer activities you might want to participate in.

  • Nadarto swim
  • Bucearto dive
  • Pasar tiempo con los amigos / la familiato spend time with friends / family
  • Hacer burbujasto blow bubbles
  • Tomar el solto sunbathe
  • Trepar un árbolto climb a tree
  • Dibujar con tizato draw with chalk
  • Saltar en un trampolínto jump on a trampoline
  • Ir a la bibliotecato go to the library
  • Levantarse tardeto get up late
  • Ir al zoológicoto go to the zoo
  • Ver un desfileto see a parade
  • Broncearseto tan

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