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Things to label at home in Spanish

Things to Label at Home in Spanish

There’s a reason that teachers have been labeling items in their classrooms for years. The best way to learn new vocabulary isn’t by translating in your head, but rather associating images and symbols with the word in the target language. For example, you want to practice looking at a tree and thinking “árbol“, not thinking “tree, tree in Spanish is árbol.” You don’t need to be in a physical classroom to take advantage of this, so we’ll show you what to label at home in Spanish.

How can I make labels at home?

If you have a fancy label maker or die cut machine, you can use it to make your labels extra beautiful. You could make them on the computer and print them out as well. You can pick your favorite fonts, colors, or even add pretty borders and designs. In addition, you can layer paper to create a textured effect. However, all you need is paper and a writing utensil to transform your home into an immersive bilingual experience.

En la sala – in the living room

  1. El sofá sofa / couch
  2. La lámpara lamp
  3. La mesatable
  4. El sillónarmchair
  5. La televisiónTV

En la cocina – in the kitchen

  1. El microondas microwave
  2. La basura trash
  3. El refrigerador refrigerator
  4. El horno oven
  5. El congelador freezer

En el baño – in the bathroom

  1. El espejo mirror
  2. El lavabosink
  3. La bañera bathtub
  4. El aseo toilet
  5. El papel higiénicotoilet paper

These 15 common words are excellent to label at home in Spanish. Seeing these words every day will help you grow your vocabulary! Are there other words we should add to the list? Let us know in the comments. Remember, words may vary depending on the country or region.

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