How to Integrate Language Practice Into Everyday Habits

When it comes to learning a language in a way that really works, forget spending endless hours grinding away a textbook. While memorization is certainly an important beginning step, the best way to learn is to get out there and practice those skills.  This can all be understood by breaking down the very fundamental difference … Read more

Ways to Overcome the Anxiety of Speaking to a Native Speaker

When it comes to learning a second language, a lot of people really enjoy the solitary learning component, but when it comes to testing out those skills on a real person, they suddenly get cold feet.   So, if you feel nervous about engaging real people in real conversations in Spanish, you are not alone. Foreign … Read more

Reasons Why You Should Start Learning Spanish

Reasons Why You Should Start Learning Spanish More and more people are starting to recognize the personal and professional benefits of learning a second language. If you’re looking to learn and master a new language, Spanish should be on your radar.  Keep reading to discover why it’s one of the best languages to learn today: … Read more

3 Easy Hacks to Help You Nail Your Spanish Accent

So you are starting to get the hang of Spanish, but your accent leaves much to be desired? Don’t worry!  It is perfectly normal for native English speakers to struggle a bit with their accent, especially if you haven’t had much chance to practice your Spanish skills in the real world.  Don’t sweat it though. … Read more

Día De Los Muertos: What It Is Beyond Sugar Skulls


Yes, I’m gonna go ahead and say it. If you’ve recently watched Disney’s Coco, you probably already consider yourself an expert on Día de los Muertos. But let me tell you, there are still a lot of misconceptions about this day, and we’re here to clear them out. Believe it or not, Day of the … Read more