Reflecting on Reflexive Verbs

Reflecting on reflexive verbs Conversa blog

At the very beginning of your Spanish classes, you probably learned “Me llamo…” to say “My name is…” but did you know it literally translates to “I call myself”? In fact, this introductory phrase is part of a category of verbs called reflexive verbs. There are lots of reflexive verbs in Spanish that have special […]

Master Gustar and Similar Verbs

Master Gustar and Similar Verbs Conversa blog

“Me gusta” is one of the very first phrases students learn to say “I like.” However, did you know that it literally translates to “to me, it pleases”? Gustar conjugates a bit differently than other verbs, which is why we’ve dedicated this article to gustar and similar verbs. You’ll master them in no time! How […]

Do You Have Doubts about Using the Subjunctive?

Do You Have Doubts about Using the Subjunctive

If you grew up as a native English speaker, you had probably never even heard of the subjunctive before. That’s because we tend not to learn grammar as a native speaker in the same way we do when we learn another language. This grammatical tense is so common, you hear it every day. Here, we’ll […]

Most Common Verbs in Spanish

Most common verbs in Spanish.

Did you know that in Spanish, there are over 11,000 verbs? Don’t worry, you definitely don’t need to rush to memorize all of them today. In fact, to be conversational, you only need to be able to use a small fraction of them. Here, we’ll give you a crash course of the most common verbs […]

Most Common Words in Spanish

Most common words in Spanish

Did you know that around 90% of daily conversations use the same 3,000 words? If you’re looking to master your Spanish and feel comfortable communicating, it’s crucial to know the most common words in Spanish. There are lots of high-frequency words that you can practice, and we’ll show you some of them in this article. […]

Common Spanish Mistakes for English Speakers

Common Spanish Mistakes for English Speakers

Languages don’t ever translate exactly, which can make it difficult to understand or get your point across when you’re first learning. There are some Spanish mistakes that are extremely common for English speakers, and we’ll show you just a few of them today. 1. Different ways to say ”you” In English, we have one standard […]

5 Easy Ways to Enforce Your Spanish Practice on the Go

Let’s face it. Sometimes it can be difficult to take time out of a busy schedule to practice a language.  The good news is that there are lots of fun and creative ways to sneak a little Spanish learning into your daily commute, lunch break or even drive to work.  Here are some easy suggestions […]

Reasons Why You Should Start Learning Spanish

Reasons Why You Should Start Learning Spanish More and more people are starting to recognize the personal and professional benefits of learning a second language. If you’re looking to learn and master a new language, Spanish should be on your radar.  Keep reading to discover why it’s one of the best languages to learn today: […]

Getting a Grip on Para and Por

There are some things in Spanish that can feel especially cumbersome for English speakers, and one of those is understanding the difference between para and por.  The thing is that both of these words translate to the “for” in English, and a result, it can sometimes feel tricky to conceptualize the subtle differences in usage […]

3 Easy Hacks to Help You Nail Your Spanish Accent

So you are starting to get the hang of Spanish, but your accent leaves much to be desired? Don’t worry!  It is perfectly normal for native English speakers to struggle a bit with their accent, especially if you haven’t had much chance to practice your Spanish skills in the real world.  Don’t sweat it though. […]