Vamos a la Playa: Spanish Beach Vocabulary

Vamos a la playa Spanish beach vocabulary Conversa

Maybe it’s still beach weather by you, or maybe you’re dreaming of warm and sunny days by the water. No matter the season, it’s always a good time to learn Spanish beach vocabulary to plan your future trips. Pay attention to these common words and phrases and try to use them the next chance you […]

How Similar Are English and Spanish?

How similar are English and Spanish Conversa

Have you ever seen a new word in Spanish and immediately knew what it meant because it looked like a word in English? For example, if you had never seen the word televisión before, would you know that it means television in English? Probably! That’s because there’s a lot these two languages have in common. […]

Use Novels to Learn Spanish at Home

Use novels to learn Spanish at home Conversa

There is simply no better way to improve your vocabulary and reading comprehension than reading. Novels in Spanish can be a great way to learn Spanish at home. There’s a reason why teachers insist on reading independently! When you read, you encounter many new words that you have never seen before. Research continues to show […]

How to Choose a Place to Study Abroad

How to choose a place to study abroad Conversa

Learning Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country is an experience unlike any other. However, choosing a place to study can be very overwhelming. You really get to experience an entire new way of life, but there are just so many to choose from! Have no fear, we’ll help you narrow down your search by providing you […]

8 Spanish Words with Multiple Meanings

Do you remember learning about words in English that mean different things based on the context? For example, “bat” could mean a flying animal that’s active at night, or the type of baseball equipment. Believe it or not, Spanish has words like this as well! In Spanish, there are some words that can take on […]

Shop Talk: Store Vocabulary in Spanish

Shop talk store vocabulary in Spanish Conversa

If you’re planning on traveling or living abroad, one of your top concerns must be getting around town. While cell phones have made it infinitely easier to figure out how to navigate in other countries, it’s still important to know basic terms. Shopping, dining and other fun activities tend to use lots of store vocabulary, […]

Qué or Cuál? Which “what” is which?

Qué or Cuál? Which "what" is which? Conversa

Most of the question words, or interrogative pronouns, in Spanish seem to translate exactly the same way in English. For example, in the question, ”Cuándo es el examen?” meaning “When is the test?”, cuándo mean when. In certain cases, the question words qué or cuál can take on similar meanings, like what or which. We’ll […]

Vocabulario Viernes: Months in Spanish

Vocabulario viernes months in Spanish Conversa

Welcome back to Vocabulario Viernes! Today, we’re continuing our vocabulary about the calendar in Spanish. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out of our last Vocabulario Viernes on days of the week. After learning the days of the week and the format of a calendar in Spanish, here we’ll show you the months in […]

Summer 2022 Spanish Music Playlist

Summer 2022 Spanish Music Playlist Conversa

Every summer, countless artists release new music just in time for parties, family gatherings, hanging out by the pool, and every other activity you can do under the sun, literally. Music brings us together and helps our brains unlock old memories. Music is a powerful tool and a way to express what we might not […]

Learn with a Growth Mindset

Learn with a growth mindset Conversa

The way you view yourself, your goals and your challenges can actually affect your ability to learn. The idea of a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset first originated in Carol Dweck’s 2006 book titled Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. In it, she talks about how you can adjust your mindset in order to […]