Your Guide to Basic Road Signs in Spain

As you embark on your journey through Spain, whether it’s by car, bike, or foot, understanding the road signs is essential for a safe and smooth travel experience. Road signs in Spain convey important information about regulations, hazards, and directions. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the basic road signs you’re likely to encounter […]

Spanish Grammar Made Easy for New Learners

Spanish Grammar Made Easy for New Learners Conversa Spanish Institute

So, you’ve decided to tackle Spanish, and learning the grammar can feel like cracking a secret code. In this article, we’re breaking down the ins and outs of Spanish grammar, giving you the cheat sheet to navigate the language like a pro. At the heart of Spanish grammar are key components that shape the language’s […]

A1 Spanish Topics

A1 Spanish Topics Conversa Spanish Institute

Learning a new language is an adventure, and for Spanish beginners, the A1 Spanish level is just the beginning. A1, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), marks the starting point for language learners, where basic communication skills are developed. In this article, we’ll explore essential A1 Spanish topics that form […]

Essential Fall Words and Phrases

Essential fall words and phrases

When the leaves change and the air gets crisp, it feels like we’re stepping into a new world. Days are filled with different festivals and traditions, special meals and treats fill our kitchens. There are certainly foods, activities and descriptions you’ll want to know, and these essential fall words will help you talk about your […]

Talk About Your Summer in Spanish

Talk about your summer in Spanish Conversa Spanish Institute

These next few months might mean a break from school, more time with family, and summer nights with friends. That doesn’t mean Spanish needs to take a break, too! In fact, these warm months present a great opportunity to learn and use summer vocabulary in Spanish to talk about your plans and hobbies. Odds are, […]

Order of Adjectives in Spanish

Order of Adjectives in Spanish Conversa Institute

If someone were to say “blue big bear” to you, you’d notice that it sounded odd, and it’s better to say “The big blue bear”. In both English and Spanish, there’s an accepted order of adjectives. With a lesson and some practice, the correct order will sound natural. By practicing reading at the appropriate level, […]

Improve Your Irregular Present Subjunctive

Improve your regular present subjunctive Conversa Spanish Institute

Don’t be intimidated by the irregular present subjunctive. Just like every other new conjugation, it seems hard at first but will feel like second nature. What makes the subjunctive particularly challenging for Spanish learners is that it’s different than English. It doesn’t have an easy exact translation for native English speakers, but that just means […]

Verbs with Prepositions to Talk About Opinions

Verbs with prepositions to talk about opinions Conversa Spanish Institute

One of the greatest skills that comes with advancing your Spanish is being able to talk about opinions. To do so, some verbs with prepositions are common. This means that there are verbs that always use a specific preposition. By learning these, you’ll boost your vocabulary and feel more confident using the subjunctive to talk […]

Long-Term Benefits of Mindfulness

Long-term benefits of mindfulness Conversa

If you’re new to mindfulness, you might have noticed some benefits right away. You might feel calmer or more focused immediately after a mindfulness exercise, but there are plenty of long-term benefits waiting for you down the road. Many researchers have looked at long-term mental health effects on mindfulness after 4 years, and we’ll show […]

No, It’s Not Too Late to Learn Spanish

No, it's not too late to learn Spanish Conversa

You’ve probably seen bilingual or multilingual children and thought, “Wow! They’re like little sponges with languages!” It’s true that children may have an easier time with some linguistic components, but adults can be just as successful. It’s never too late to start learning. There was a time when researchers thought that only children can pick […]