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Your Guide to Basic Road Signs in Spain

As you embark on your journey through Spain, whether it’s by car, bike, or foot, understanding the road signs is essential for a safe and smooth travel experience. Road signs in Spain convey important information about regulations, hazards, and directions. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the basic road signs you’re likely to encounter on Spanish roads.

1. Señales Reglamentarias (Regulatory Signs)

Regulatory signs in Spain let drivers know about rules and regulations that they need to follow. One common regulatory sign is the “Stop” sign, which is octagonal and features the word “STOP” in bold white letters. You might be wondering why this sign is in English- that’s because it’s the international EU stop sign! Having the same sign across the EU makes it safer for drivers because it’s easily recognizable.

Another important regulatory sign is the “Give Way” sign, which is triangular and features a white yield symbol on a blue background (“Ceda el Paso” in Spanish). This sign indicates that drivers must yield to oncoming traffic before entering a junction or roundabout.

2. Señales de Advertencia (Warning Signs)

Warning signs in Spain alert drivers about porential dangers, or changes in driving conditions. One common warning sign is the “Caution: Curve Ahead” sign, which features a curved arrow indicating the direction of the curve (“Peligro: Curva Peligrosa” in Spanish). This sign warns drivers to reduce speed and proceed with caution.

Another important warning sign is the “Pedestrian Crossing” sign, which features a symbol of a person walking (“Paso de Peatones” in Spanish). This sign alerts drivers to the presence of a pedestrian crossing and reminds them to watch out for pedestrians.

3. Señales de Información (Information Signs)

Information signs in Spain provide drivers with useful information about their surroundings. One common information sign is the “Parking Area” sign, which features a blue “P” symbol on a white background. This sign indicates the location of a parking area where drivers can safely park their vehicles.

Another important information sign is the “Hospital” sign, which features a blue “H” symbol on a white background. This sign indicates the direction to the nearest hospital or medical facility.

4. Señales de Dirección (Direction Signs)

Direction signs in Spain help drivers navigate to their desired destinations. One common direction sign is the “Exit” sign, which features a white arrow on a green background indicating the direction of the exit. This sign is often used on highways and motorways to indicate the location of exits.

Another important direction sign is the “City Center” sign, which features the name of the city or town in white letters on a blue background. This sign helps drivers find their way to the city center.

By familiarizing yourself with these basic road signs in Spain, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the roads safely and confidently. Remember to always obey the signs, drive defensively, and stay alert to your surroundings. Safe travels!

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