Trabalenguas: Tongue Twisters in Spanish

Trabalenguas: tongue twisters in Spanish Conversa

Perhaps one of the most fun ways to practice your pronunciation is to try out some trabalenguas, or tongue twisters. They’re silly, challenging and rewarding. If you’re ready for a new way to focus on certain sound blends, or if you’re bored of traditional pronunciation practices, these trabalenguas will surely keep you and your friends, […]

Learn About What Interests You

Learn about what interests you Conversa blog

One of the main reasons why someone stops learning a language is because they got bored of it, or they became frustrated that they weren’t reaching the milestones they wanted. It’s common to feel overwhelmed, and that’s a sign to change your mindset. Learn about what interests you, and you’ll keep your motivation. Focus on […]

¿Cómo Eres? What Are You Like?

¿Cómo eres? What are you like?

Although it might sound similar to the question ¿Cómo estás?, which is asking about how you are feeling right now, ¿Cómo eres? is asking what you are like. If you think about the differences between ser and estar, it makes sense that the first question is asking about your condition right now, and the second […]

Vocabulario Viernes: Days of the Week

Vocabulario viernes days of the week Conversa blog

Welcome to Vocabulario Viernes! Today’s topic is days of the week, or in Spanish, los días de la semana. You use days of the week to ask what day it is, to make plans, to understand deadlines, and so much more. In this article, we’ll show you the days of the week, and a few […]

Mind your P’s and Q’s: Being Polite in Spanish

Being polite in Spanish Conversa blog

Whenever you meet someone new, it’s natural to want to put your best foot forward. You want to be kind, courteous, and not seem rude. Did you know that what one culture considers rude, another one might not? For example, in the United States, it’s not common to stare at people you don’t know because […]

The Problem with Multi-Lingual Multi-Tasking

the problem with multi-lingual multi-tasking Conversa blog

Nowadays, it feels like we are always multi-tasking. You might find yourself on your phone while watching TV, scrolling while in class, texting at dinner, or listening to a podcast while writing a paper. It’s common to multi-task, but there’s a big problem with multi-lingual multi-tasking: it doesn’t work very well when you’re first learning. […]

Texting in Spanish

Texting in Spanish Conversa blog

When you start learning and practicing a new language, making Spanish-speaking friends is the natural next step. You can practice with them, learn from them, and hopefully create new memories together. Nowadays, a large portion of our communication happens on the internet. This includes social media platforms, instant messages, emails, and any other site where […]

The Supermarket Challenge: Foods in Spanish

The Supermarket Challenge Foods in Spanish

The last time you went to the supermarket, what did you get? Did you pick up some arroz and pollo, or maybe some manzanas and zanahorias? A great way to practice Spanish in your daily life is to see what words you know in Spanish as you go about your daily life. Fortunately, many stores […]

Use More than “Bien” or “Mal” for How You’re Feeling

Use More than Bien or Mal for How You're Feeling

The first time someone asks you, “¿Cómo estás?” and you confidently answer “¡Bien!” or “¡Mal! is such a good feeling! You understood a question and were able to naturally answer it. However, maybe you want to give a more detailed answer. If you’re ready to add some more exciting vocabulary to your conversations, we’ll show […]

Sounds Familiar? Speaking About Family Members in Spanish

CONVERSA Sounds Familiar? Speaking About Family Members in Spanish

When we first start learning Spanish, most people prefer to aim for easy conversational skills instead of heavy grammar. This way we get a sense of achievable fluency from the very beginning. In other words, it’s good to have some vocabulary ready to go. That’s why in this entry we will tackle an all-time favourite: family […]