Different Ways to Express Gratitude

Different ways to express gratitude Conversa

One of the first words you probably learned in Spanish was gracias, the simplest way to say thanks. Knowing gracias, you’re able to express gratitude in the simplest way. However, it can feel repetitive! We’ll show you more ways to say “thank you!” to broaden your vocabulary. Some of the following phrases use gracias in […]

Make Your Vocabulary Lessons Stick

Make Your Vocabulary Lessons Stick

Of all the thousands of words in the Spanish language, did you know that native speakers regularly only use about 18,000? That can still seem like a huge, even scary, amount of vocabulary to learn. How can someone learn all of that in a manageable way? The key is to make your vocabulary lessons stick. […]

Common Spanish Words of Frequency

Common Spanish words of frequency Conversa

In addition to learning common nouns and verbs to express yourself in another language, it’s just as important to learn common words of frequency. These expressions help you say how often you do things or when you do certain things. In addition to memorizing them, you’ll also have to know where they go. Keep reading […]

Spook Your Friends with Halloween Vocabulary

Spook your friends with Halloween vocabulary Conversa

In October, seasons change and the air gets a bit chilly, and you might start seeing pumpkins everywhere. If the fall is your favorite time of year, you might also be anxiously awaiting Halloween. Although not every Spanish-speaking country necessarily celebrates Halloween, or at least not like in the United States, there are important Halloween […]

Master the 5 Spanish Vowels

Master the 5 Spanish Vowel Sounds Conversa

Do you remember learning about vowels in English? You might remember it because English has 5 vowels, but they all make different sounds! In fact, there are 12 total vowel sounds in English. English has long and short vowels, meaning the sound changes depending on lots of factors. Here, we’ll give you the tools to […]

How Similar Are English and Spanish?

How similar are English and Spanish Conversa

Have you ever seen a new word in Spanish and immediately knew what it meant because it looked like a word in English? For example, if you had never seen the word televisión before, would you know that it means television in English? Probably! That’s because there’s a lot these two languages have in common. […]

Multiple Ways to Use “Llevar”

Multiple ways to use "llevar" Conversa

If you want to start sounding like a native speaker, the verb llevar is going to be one of your most common verbs. It’s very versatile and has different uses. You might have learned that this verb means “to carry” or “to wear”, and that’s definitely true! Here, we’ll show you some other ways you […]

Spanish Words Without Exact English Translations

Spanish Words Without Exact English Translations Conversa blog

Every language has words that are based on their culture’s way of life. This means that in Spanish, there are lots of words without exact English translations. Of course, they’re words that you can describe with a few words or a sentence, but there isn’t a 1-to-1 exact translation. This can make some conversations tricky […]

8 Spanish Words with Multiple Meanings

Do you remember learning about words in English that mean different things based on the context? For example, “bat” could mean a flying animal that’s active at night, or the type of baseball equipment. Believe it or not, Spanish has words like this as well! In Spanish, there are some words that can take on […]

Emergency Tourist Vocabulary You’ll Want to Memorize

A man in a striped shirt panicking next to the article title, "Emergency Tourist Vocabulary You'll Want to Memorize"

Hopefully the next time you travel to a Spanish-speaking country, everything goes smoothly and you have the best opportunities to practice what you’ve been learning. However, it’s always good to be prepared for the worst. Here, we’ll show you some emergency tourist vocabulary that might come in handy if you need to get help or […]