15 Common Costumes in Spanish

15 common costumes in Spanish

When Halloween rolls around every year, you’re sure to see some spooky sights. When talking about your Halloween traditions or favorite costumes, there are some words or characters that come up more than others. If you’re from a country where Halloween is popular, it might surprise you to hear that this holiday is not as […]

Sounding More Natural with the Passive Voice

Sounding More Natural with the Passive Voice Conversa Spanish Institute

In English, it’s very common to use the passive voice in everyday speech, formal written work, and everything in between. However, in Spanish, using the passive voice as a literal translation from English can sound choppy and unnatural. It can even make you sound way more formal than you mean to! As you’ve probably already […]

Essential Fall Words and Phrases

Essential fall words and phrases

When the leaves change and the air gets crisp, it feels like we’re stepping into a new world. Days are filled with different festivals and traditions, special meals and treats fill our kitchens. There are certainly foods, activities and descriptions you’ll want to know, and these essential fall words will help you talk about your […]

Words with Double Meanings in Spanish

Words with double meanings in Spanish

Everyone who has learned another language has had their fair share of embarrassing stories. Some are for using the completely wrong word, like calling a car borracho instead of barato (true story!). However, sometimes, words can have a different meaning depending on the country. If you aren’t familiar with the slang or culture of a […]

Start Learning a Word a Day

Start learning a word a day Conversa Spanish Institute

If you want to boost your “random” Spanish vocabulary, learning a word a day is a great low-energy activity. You’ll never know when these words will be useful! Best of all, it’s something you can get sent to you, and you can do from the comfort of your own home! Whether you’ve been learning Spanish […]

Useful Spanish Office Vocabulary

Useful Spanish Office Vocabulary

Whether you’re trying to learn possible vocabulary for the future or are actively trying to speak more Spanish at work, office vocabulary will be very useful! Most of this vocabulary is common in daily life, and can come in handy outside of the office, too. In addition to when you’re on the clock, they’re helpful […]

Spanish Numbers from 1,000 to 1,000,000

Spanish numbers from 1,000 to 1,000,000 Conversa Spanish Institute

Numbers are one of the most commonly used aspects of language. When you really think about it, you realize that numbers are everywhere- costs, describing quantities, addresses, etc. Although they may not be as common as numbers 0-60 for dates and time, there are plenty of common uses for big Spanish numbers. They’ll easily boost […]

Read Bilingual Books to Expand Your Vocabulary

Read Bilingual Books to Expand Your Vocabulary Conversa Spanish Institute

Novels that are completely in Spanish can seem overwhelming at first! They’re a great way to learn, but they aren’t the first books you should try to read. Even though you’re an adult, when you first start learning Spanish, your reading level is that of a kid. The best way to expand your vocabulary as […]

Cooking in Spanish: A Delicious Activity at Home

Cooking in Spanish: a delicious activity at home Conversa Spanish Institute

Nowadays, cooking in Spanish at home couldn’t be easier! There are tons of videos and recipes online, as well as good old fashioned paper cookbooks. Eating is something we all have to do every day, making it a great opportunity to learn some new words and immerse yourself in Spanish from the comfort of your […]

How to Order Coffee in Spanish

How to Order Coffee in Spanish Conversa Spanish Institute

If you want to order coffee like a local, you’ve come to the right place. For many Spanish people, the day can’t start without a little café con leche! Did you know that how people tend to drink coffee varies from place to place? Coffee all around the world is different! Next time you go […]