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At Home in Spanish: Essential Home Vocabulary

When learning a new language, building a strong foundation (pun intended!) in everyday vocabulary is essential, and Spanish is no exception. Let’s open the door to la casa (home) and explore the fundamental Spanish home vocabulary that will help you describe your living space with ease.

Essential Home Vocabulary In Spanish

1. Partes de la casa– Parts of the house

At the heart of Spanish home vocabulary is, of course, la casa. First, let’s take a look at the basic rooms:

  • La sala- the living room
  • El dormitorio– the bedroom
  • La cocina– the kitchen
  • El baño– the bathroom
  • El desvánthe attic
  • El sótano– the basement
  • El jardín– the garden/yard

2. Furniture and Fixtures

Now, let’s fill these rooms with the essentials!

  • El sofá- the sofa/couch
  • La mesa- the table
  • La silla- the chair
  • La cama- the bed
  • El armario- the wardobe
  • La nevera/El refrigerador– the fridge (sometimes called el refri)
  • El horno- the oven
  • La lámpara– the lamp

Household Items

To keep your home running smoothly, familiarize yourself with common household items. These are essential for maintaining una casa limpia.

  • La aspiradora- the vacuum cleaner
  • La lavadora- the washing machine
  • La plancha- the iron
  • La basura- the trash

As you expand your Spanish home vocabulary, practice using these words and phrases in context. Label objects around your home with their Spanish names, or try to describe your living space in Spanish with your friends. Immersing yourself this way will enhance your proficiency and make you feel more at home with Spanish vocabulary.

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