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Texting in Spanish

When you start learning and practicing a new language, making Spanish-speaking friends is the natural next step. You can practice with them, learn from them, and hopefully create new memories together. Nowadays, a large portion of our communication happens on the internet. This includes social media platforms, instant messages, emails, and any other site where you can communicate.

You might be surprised with how many abbreviations you’re used to in English! Commonly, you might see “ily” when someone wants to tell you “I love you” or “ttyl” to say “talk to you later.” Texting phrases like these are a part of our daily life, and so it only makes sense that there are common phrases in Spanish too! Below, we’ll show you some common phrases that you might see while texting in Spanish. Try some out next time you’re chatting with a new amigo!

  1. ntp = no te preocupes, “don’t worry”
  2. pti = para tu información, “for your information”
  3. tqm / tkm = te quiero mucho, “i love you very much”
  4. tb / tmb = también, “also”
  5. xq / por k = porque / por qué, “because” or “why”
  6. bb = bebé, “babe / baby”
  7. salu2 = saludos, “greetings”
  8. ta b = está bien, “it’s good”
  9. k risa! = ¡qué risa!, “that’s so funny!”
  10. npn = no pasa nada, “no worries”

Now that you’ve seen these, you’ll probably start noticing them everywhere. These are just 10 of some of the most common phrases you’ll see while texting in Spanish. Don’t be afraid to ask the other person to clarify what something means if you’re not sure. As you can see, they can be second nature, and they might not know that you have never heard one before! Do you know of some other good ones? Let us know in the comments.

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