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Tips for learning Spanish from home.

If you want to start learning Spanish before traveling to a Spanish speaking country you need to study the language with the best tips and tools. Here are some of our suggestions:

  1. Find someone to talk to. This can be through a chat app or someone at home who can practice with you. Practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to practice.
  2. Learn about the culture behind the language. Read about it, watch movies, documentaries or even TV series so you can learn what their cultural tone is like. A big part of many languages is the mannerisms and tones people use. This will help you understand context and things like sarcasm and humor when you arrive at a new country.
  3. Change the language setting on your phone to Spanish. This will push you to practice and it will make you more comfortable reading small texts in the new language. Eventually you can incorporate this to more complex things like your TV or computer settings to push your practice even further.
  4. Listen to audiobooks in Spanish. It will help your ears to detect correct pronunciations for certain words and frases. This will be extremely helpful in your process.
  5. Watch movies in Spanish with English subtitles so you can start associating phrases between the two. 
  6. Travel and practice the language abroad. Nothing will compare to experiencing and practicing a language with locals who have used this language their entire lives.
  7. Place post it notes with words you are practicing around your home. This way your mind will practice them every time you see them. 
  8. Follow Spanish speaking youtubers.
  9. Find the ideal time for you to practice at home. Make sure it is a time of day when your mind is fresh and you are open to learning.
  10. Study a word or phrase before bed. This helps transfer it to long term memory. 

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If your thoughts are now going to: Where do I find the time to actually do this? Then watch this short video.

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