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Use novels to learn Spanish at home Conversa

Use Novels to Learn Spanish at Home

There is simply no better way to improve your vocabulary and reading comprehension than reading. Novels in Spanish can be a great way to learn Spanish at home. There’s a reason why teachers insist on reading independently! When you read, you encounter many new words that you have never seen before. Research continues to show the many benefits of reading, both in your native language and in languages you’re learning. Do you want to know how to get started? We’ll show you!

How to start using Spanish novels at home

Once you’ve moved past basic vocabulary, you’re going to want to challenge yourself a bit more. If you know numbers, colors, how to read a calendar and basic verbs, it’s time to take it up a notch. It can be hard to find the motivation at first, especially if you aren’t used to reading in your primary language. However, think of reading as a fun challenge to improve your skills, and a way to learn new vocabulary.

Are you wondering how to start? I recommend choosing short stories in the beginning that are a little easy for you. It’s important to start building confidence and creating good habits and achievable goals. If your first try is with a novel that’s 300 pages long and too hard, you’re going to get discouraged.

Choose interesting topics

This is something you’re doing for fun! If you aren’t interested in a certain topic, you don’t have to choose it. If you would rather read books about gardening or soccer, then read those instead of a book that you aren’t interested in. Also, if you’re passionate about a subject, odds are you’ll want to talk about that subject. Reading about it will give you useful vocabulary to tell all of your new Spanish-speaking friends.

Before going out and purchasing these books, check your local library or ask your Spanish teacher if they have any that you can borrow. There are tons of affordable options online (or free!) so that you can use Spanish novels to learn vocabulary without breaking the bank.

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