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CONVERSA Why your self-care routine should include meditation

Why your self-care routine should include meditation

Self-care is a necessity, especially since we live in a world of accelerated connectivity and information overload. This is why it’s more important than ever to include meditation in your self-care routine. Meditation can help clear your mind from noisy thoughts, boost happiness, and even train your brain for higher learning potential.

Here are some great reasons why meditation should be part of your self-care routine:

Harmony and order in your life

Most of our distractions during the day happen because there’s no harmony in our lives. And the excess of information is a brand new challenge that our society is still learning to handle. But if we can focus our mind and our energy, we can gain a greater sense of productivity and have clarity as we start the day. Techniques like conscious breathing patterns or visualization exercises can help organize your mind and make it easier to plan your day,  increasing your performance.

CONVERSA why tour self-care routine chould include meditation

Gain Internal Locus of Control

As you begin to know yourself through meditation, self-confidence increases and you start developing what’s called Internal Locus of Control. This means that you understand the power you have on your life. It’s very similar to mindset. You know you can’t control the outcomes, but how you recognize that how you think and feel and react can affect those outcomes and whatever follows.

Developing this self-awareness and emotional intelligence will make a crucial difference between having good days where you feel productive and accomplished, or bad days where you feel lost.

Improve integral health

High levels of stress are the biggest menace against our integral health. Previous generations relied on pills and other medicines to overcome or prevent emergencies and illnesses. And while so many medicines do help us heal, the most incipient health problems our generation faces are due to chronic stress.

While medication is still very necessary, meditation is gaining more and more acknowledgment as a preventive and complementary resource against problems like depression, anxiety, fatigue, and even learning disorders, among other mental and physical problems.

Taste the fruits of self-commitment

The simple act of creating a positive habit increases motivation, gives you focus to know your path, and helps you find the light in the dark. This self-commitment in itself can boost motivation, help rebuild confidence, and give you greater clarity for your path in life. 

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