A Year of Holidays in Spanish

A year of holidays in Spanish Conversa

Since 2023 has only just begun, there’s a whole year of holidays ahead of us. If you’re a planner, you might already be thinking of how you’re hoping to spend time off of work and school! If you prefer more spontaneous activities, keep this vocabulary in mind when the time comes to celebrate. When it […]

Crash Course in Día de los Muertos

Crash course in día de los muertos Conversa

Día de los muertos, or Day of the Dead, has its own beautiful set of rituals and traditions. It’s a colorful celebration of life to remember loved ones. Did you know that every popular aspect of Day of the Dead is a symbol to represent a view about the afterlife? We’ll give you a crash […]

La Mercè Festival: Everything You Need to Know

la mercè festival in Barcelona Conversa

While studying abroad, it’s important to explore the city you’re living in. Experience daily life in Spanish every chance you get! In addition, it’s also important to explore outside of your city so you can see the rich diversity that Spain has to offer. Not too far from Valencia is Barcelona, and they’re having a […]

Vamos a la Playa: Spanish Beach Vocabulary

Vamos a la playa Spanish beach vocabulary Conversa

Maybe it’s still beach weather by you, or maybe you’re dreaming of warm and sunny days by the water. No matter the season, it’s always a good time to learn Spanish beach vocabulary to plan your future trips. Pay attention to these common words and phrases and try to use them the next chance you […]

How to Choose a Place to Study Abroad

How to choose a place to study abroad Conversa

Learning Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country is an experience unlike any other. However, choosing a place to study can be very overwhelming. You really get to experience an entire new way of life, but there are just so many to choose from! Have no fear, we’ll help you narrow down your search by providing you […]

Emergency Tourist Vocabulary You’ll Want to Memorize

A man in a striped shirt panicking next to the article title, "Emergency Tourist Vocabulary You'll Want to Memorize"

Hopefully the next time you travel to a Spanish-speaking country, everything goes smoothly and you have the best opportunities to practice what you’ve been learning. However, it’s always good to be prepared for the worst. Here, we’ll show you some emergency tourist vocabulary that might come in handy if you need to get help or […]

21 Spanish Speaking Countries

21 Spanish Speaking Countries

Did you know that there are 21 countries with Spanish as the official language? In addition, there are dozens of other countries that have a high population of Spanish speakers, like the United States. If you’ve been learning Spanish, maybe you’ve been dreaming about all of the places you’d like to visit to practice and […]

Surprising Things that Happen When You Learn a New Language

Surprising things that happen when you learn a new language Conversa blog

Everyone has a different reason to learn a new language. Maybe you want to communicate with your coworkers or clients better, or maybe you like the way it sounds. You could want to make new friends, or even have the desire to travel around the world. Whatever your reason may be to learn a new […]

What’s it like in Valencia during Semana Santa?

What’s it like in Valencia during Semana Santa - conversa spanish

Maybe you’ve heard about the famous Semana Santa, or holy week in English, which is the week before Pascua, or Easter. In Valencia, it’s definitely more than egg hunts and pictures with the Easter Bunny! For 2022, the biggest events take place between April 8 and April 17, which includes Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good […]

Is an immersive program for me?

Is an immersive program for me?

Surely you have tried or thought about learning a language before. The first thought most people have is: Where do I begin?  Languages are complex things to learn. You need to learn not only the words, but the mannerisms, colloquial phrasings, and the inexplicable rules of the language and culture. These are details that are […]