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Querido diario journal in Spanish Conversa

Querido Diario: Journal in Spanish

Having a language journal when learning a language has lots of perk, and is even more useful if you’re learning at home. You can find thousands of products on the shelves that have different templates, prompts and lengths, or you can pick up a simple notebook and pen. Whichever route you choose to start to journal in Spanish, you’ll notice your proficiency growing before your own eyes. We’ll show you some of the benefits.

Why journal in Spanish?

There are lots of reasons to start a journal! You can use it to start documenting your language learning journey by writing down new words that you learn. That way, you can create your own pocket dictionary of useful words and phrases that you learned in the real world. Authenticity is so important to help you learn! Also, the act of writing down language actually helps you remember it.

In addition to making a dictionary, you can also use it to practice the grammar and vocabulary that you learn. For example, if you’re learning about the verb gustar, you can write down practice sentences in your journal. It’s private and for your eyes only, but it helps you try out new skills. Plus, it’s fun to look back on old entries and see how much progress you’ve made!

Benefits of journaling in Spanish

There are lots of benefits of journaling that will serve you as a language student. Here are some of the top perks you’l notice after you start jotting down a few entries:

  1. Learn from your mistakes. Take this as a chance to write down your goofs and embarrassing moments. Not only will you learn, but it’ll be funny to look back on.
  2. Practice vocabulary. If you don’t have someone to talk to, talk to your paper. Write down whatever it is you’d like to practice. Even if no one reads it, you’re still practicing!
  3. Collect your thoughts and feelings. It’s your journal, so use it however you’d like. If you have a rough day and want to let out your frustrations in your notebook, do it. It’s normal to get discouraged, and venting your feelings gets them all out.

Are there other benefits of journaling that you’ve found? Let us know in the comments!

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